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Fields of dreams - Movie Review Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Field of Dreams 1. Baseball is certainly like a religion. Just like a religion, in baseball, one is required to believe and have faith in their ability as well as believe in his or her teammates. The sport possesses many qualities that makes it acquire a religious function…
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Fields of dreams
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Download file to see previous pages This film’s theme was about a man’s search for his father. He hears heavenly voices, develops a field of baseball on faith and converses with famous dead players who appear to be angels. In the film, Terence Mann tells Ray Kinsella that crowds will come, because they have money and lack peace. He also states that the crowds can even dip themselves, just like a religious rite, in magic waters (Wood et al, 70- 72). Both the Natural and Field of Dreams show how baseball is redemptive. In The Natural, Roy Hobbs, in his journey of becoming the “best there ever was”, experiences a short fall when his career is ended before he achieves his dream. Through baseball, however, sixteen years later, he comes back and manages to redeem himself by achieving his dreams and being able to fulfill his role as a patriarchal family figure. This is also demonstrated in Field of Dreams, whereby the voice of Ray’s dad drives Ray to generate this illogical field as is brought out through the personification of the Voice. However, it represents a space whereby ghosts from the past can come back from the purgatory of a cornfield to be with the present-day people (Wood et al, 72). 2. Hearing plays a very important role in Field of Dreams. Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, creates the ball field for Joe, the “Shoeless Joe”. ...
This happens also because a voice had instructed him so. Compared to the role of sound in The Exorcist, while in Field of Dreams hearing is excellently used to build more on the theme of the film, this is not the case in the Exorcist. In the Exorcist, sound is several decibels higher compared to the visuals, which augments the tension of the audience. When for example, Regan is brought in the foreground, as she listens to her mother, the sound of the voice of Chris is shrill and piercing. In Field of Dreams, cause-and-effect is demonstrated by Costner’s clear view of his logic supporting his intuition. Having a clear vision of the cause-effect judgment behind his intuition, Kevin Costner followed his instincts and then went on to take action to ensure things happened to keep the farm. Costner says “If we build it, then they will come.” This quote is about a principle that is profound for not just Costner but for the film as well. At the time he was saying the words, the farm was in foreclosure, which makes it justifiable to presume that the higher objective was to save the farm. It is this goal of saving the farm that focused his project, and ended up contributing to the objective of using baseball to reconnect with his father (Baltov, p. 40). 3. Imagination plays a very important role in the discussion of God. Imagination answers the question of how people can begin to perceive God. The most appropriate manner of trying to perceive God is using our minds that are limitless; our imagination. Imagination is limitless and beyond the primitive logic of people, which makes it important when discussing God. Worth noting is that coincidentally, God is described in the same way, a limitless way. When forming an image of God, it is important that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Fields of Dreams Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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