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Analyzing Communication Name Journalism, mass media and communication Instructors’ name Date Analyzing Communication Artifacts employment can occur in either a no verbal communication or a verbal communication. Their interpretation can occur as objects shaped by human crafts…
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Analyzing Communication
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Analyzing Communication Journalism, mass media and communication Analyzing Communication Artifacts employment can occurin either a no verbal communication or a verbal communication. Their interpretation can occur as objects shaped by human crafts. In communication, an artifact is something that viewing can occur as the result of human conception. Artifacts are not easily detectable thou under intense cooperation, and observation one might recall the usage of artifacts in communication all the time. Artifacts also indicate the human workmanship. They also provide an idea about the personality of the speaker and the audience. In mass media, artifacts can be heard as the disruption of a speech, or if it is in a visual media program it is viewing may occur as the characteristic of the speaker. According to Aristotle, the artifacts of communication perception occurs in three ways logos, pathos and finally ethos or commonly known as ethics. 1 Artifacts are quite prominent in communication. Their involvement occurs mostly in verbal and a non-verbal communication. During a communication, a speaker’s personality contributes a lot to what he or she is communicating. Many people will intend to link the information, which the speaker provides with the artifacts. This is a reason why Aristotle came up with the three reasons of speech. They include, ethos, which is commonly, termed as ethics in the speakers ‘communication, the pathos that implication occurs via emotions perceived by the speaker and the audience. The last one is logos. They are referred to as the logic of the actual given or spoken words. In a mass media, artifacts are a pertinent tool in communication because they indicate what the speech is all about. 2 Communication artifacts creation is normally for mass consumption; this implies that the target population for the implication of the artifacts is the mass audience in general. The visual properties such as emotions and expressions of the audience are the artifacts employed in a given communication. Mass audience can be defining many people listening to a certain speaker in a public information or lecture. In mass media, the audience might not review the artifacts of the speaker unless he or she is in a visible form. The target audience will also have several artifacts to portray and these artifacts will inform the speaker on what to employ more. 3 Artifacts potential effectiveness in communication normally aids in the fulfillment of what they are purpose is intended. They are purpose is to indicate more information of the personality of the audience and the speakers. The displayable characteristic of an artifact may affect the occurrence of the speech. The artifacts portrayed in the course of that speech normally display people’s attitude and behavior during a speech. Artifacts portrayal must occur in a certain manner that implies a supportive meaning so that they can fulfill their meaning. The audience and the speakers’ action can only make the strength of a communication artifact possible during a speech. Good artifacts such as a sweet facial expression during a communication period will undoubtedly be the source of strength in an artifact. Artifacts strength might not be displayable in facial expressions only. Other physical characteristics explaining the personality of a person and which might assist in the understanding of the speech provided is advantageous too. 4This can be count as the strength of a given artifact. If the artifact is an implication of a strong message in a given speech, we can term that situation as the strength of that given artifact in communication. An artifact weakness can occur in the portrayed message caused during a speech by the personality of both the audience and the speaker. In reference to Aristotle’s ethos, or ethics portrayed in a speech or a communication application, poor ethics will contribute a lot in the weakness of an artifact. In pathos or the emotions perceived by the speaker, weakness of an artifact might occur on the bases that the emotions portrayed by this speaker are weak. In this case, the speaker is the most influential person when it comes to the portrayal of the weakness of an artifact. In logos, the logic employed in both the spoken and given word might contribute to the weakness or an artifact largely based on the effects that are negative and positive of the spoken or given word. The ways in which the audience perceives things or information is determined by either the weakness or strength of the artifact. In communication, artifacts are the additional tools that assist the audience and reader to know more on the idea of what is been talked about and the feelings of the audience and speaker on that issued topic. Notes 1. Knapp Karlfried, Analyzing Intercultural Communication (London, 1987), p. 45. 2. T. Julia, Interpersonal Communication (New York, 2012), p. 34. 3. W. James. Analyzing Media: Communication Technologies As Symbolic and Cognitive Systems (New York, 1998), p. 54. 4. Wood Julia T, Communication in Our Lives (New York, 2011), p. 36. Bibliography Knapp, Karlfried. Analyzing Intercultural Communication. London: Walter de Gruyter, 1987. T, Julia. Interpersonal Communication. New York: Cengage Learning, 2012. W, James. Analyzing Media: Communication Technologies As Symbolic and Cognitive Systems. New York: Guilford Press, 1998. Wood, Julia T. Communication in Our Lives. New York: Cengage Learning, 2011. Read More
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