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Pro Life Campaign - Research Paper Example

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Pro Life Campaign The United States abortion movement also known as the United States life movement or simply the USA pro-life movement is a political and social movement based in the USA that opposes any form of abortion on demand procedure…
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Pro Life Campaign
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Download file to see previous pages The group has had both moral as well as sectarian grounds to defend their stand and in most cases have even moved to court to oppose the legalization of abortion. The group argues that life begins at conception and any person who knowingly removes life should be punishable by law. They also argue that hospitals should not be allowed to perform this controversial procedure. This group does change their stand only on any grounds of incest, rape or situations when the mother’s life is at risk (Derr, 2005). Tactics The major tactics of pro-life is ultrasound legislation. This is where the group uses words to guilt mothers from taking an abortion. In most cases, the mothers feel the guilt and end up not doing the abortion but after some period of time, the same mothers come back for this procedure. This strategy even though has had some of its positive impacts; in most cases it has only been successful for some periods of time. The group also uses biblical statements to make their stands arguing that God does not promote abortion. This only works out for the few people who are religious and believe in God. However, there are people who have no religious beliefs and so they always go ahead and perform the procedure. As a result of this, the pro life organizers have been able to go to court to help convince the legislators to stop this inhumane act and in some states; this has been a success with most of the states accepting to illegalize this act only allowing it in certain circumstances (Prolife Alliance, 2007). The other tactic that the group is using is education. The group realized that responsibility can only be instilled through proper education into the minds of people. They do this by talking to teenagers and adults separately about the responsibility that comes with sexuality. They also advice women on safe sex and encourage them to always learn that abortion is never the only option that is available. The group always teaches the girls on other options that are available for the baby in case they don’t want the baby. They can always think of other ideas such as foster care that provides care to children who are neglected. In most cases, this strategy has been very beneficial and most of the women have had to change their minds on abortion and have opted for other available options. In most cases, the government has also moved in to support this course of action since abortion has become a national issue and with women demanding for their rights, it has been a challenge convincing them against this action. Education strategies have therefore helped a lot (Alcorn, 2002). The other major strategy that the group uses is the shock and awe strategy. This is where they present pictures of dead infants and other disgusting images that make the public see the real truth in abortion. This has greatly touched many mothers and as a result, they have opted for other options other than abortion. This technique has been successful especially with commercial sex workers who are one of the largest populations that have abortion every year. Most Americans support prolife activities mainly because of this technique. The technique has not only touched the mothers but the general public as well. This has drawn debates and other public awareness campaigns to make abortion illegal and to educate girls and anyone affected on alternative methods (Alcorn, 2004). Legality Though pro life organizers have been met with different legal challenges, the movement is completely legal and its mission and vision have no illegal intention in them. However, the group has received a lot of threats from various groups. Many of the anti pro-choice organizers have moved to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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