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Campaign - Essay Example

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Campaigns are designed in order to reach to the targeted audience and to fully spread the message with a feedback that ensures the effectiveness of the campaign. The aim of this paper is to critically assess the elements of communication within the context of a public campaign…
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Extract of sample "Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages The gun control campaign has been headed and designed by Gabby Gifford who has been a victim of the gun shot. She has stood for the rights of women because according to a number of researches, women in United States are more likely to be murdered with guns than any other countries. Therefore, Gabby Gifford has spread the word with the help of the women communities to discuss about the anti-gun revolution in United States. Many iconic figures have also been associated with the campaign in order to help Gabby Gifford. It should be noted that the campaign has been well-designed with the help of different channels such as print Ads, videos over the internet, agendas, social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram etc. The usage of logic has been used quiet efficiently in order to design the campaign and reach its goal (Freudenberg).
Let us take a closer and analytical understanding of the elements that have been used in order to design the campaign. The audience of this campaign evaluation is potential women who are seemingly dependent upon others when it comes to security. Majority of the women believe that they can be rescued with the help of people near to them. As a contradiction to such a belief, men tend to take control of the situation when they are attacked by criminals. Men are more likely to fight the criminals and, in most cases, they become successful in surviving the attack. According to the agenda of the campaign by Gabby Gifford for Anti-Gun revolution, women can be taught to undertake self-defense but when criminals have strong weapons like guns then even the self-defense is more likely to fail. Therefore, the audiences of the campaign are the Gun Control Associations that have already done a lot in the past to minimize the possession of guns. However, there is still a lot to be done (Geer, Schiller and Segal).
The campaign has been designed in such a manner that it increases the resonance of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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