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Writing your journal - Assignment Example

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Culture can be defined as a set of shared beliefs, values and behaviors of a group of people in a specific locality. Cultural backgrounds have a diverse domain all around the world because they primarily depend upon the human thoughts and code of ethics. …
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Writing your journal
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Download file to see previous pages These determinants vary from place to place and different environments. The culture can be thought of as an iceberg model whose little part is visible but the details are hidden from those who are not experiencing the local culture on the ground. The culture can never be acquired completely unless experiences first hand. This journal is the explanation of the personal experiences of my learning of a different culture from where I lived my life. The journal follows the ODIS (observe, describe, interpret, suspend) model of analysis. I was in born in Denver, Colorado and attended George Washington High School. I have been fond of visiting different countries and localities for making research about interesting people and places. Cultural differences and ethic aberration has always been a topic of my interest. Studying and having a deep insight on the Chinese culture has always been my dream. On getting an appropriate chance I went to Beijing for seven days for an event in China University of Geosciences. I got immense exposure to the rich Chinese culture and chances to learn the minute details for the local culture about which I had been making up to my mind and opinions base upon the internet research and stories. I met different people and delegates and I saw the Chinese interactions in every walk of life. From industrial perspective to the personal life scenarios, I observed every kind of cultural themes of the Chinese people. Most of the experiences were totally new for me and many were the conformations of the past theories about which I have made up in my mind by hearing different people. I observed that most of the Chinese culture still acquires their values from the text book code of ethics of Confucianism and Taoism. People are extremely dedicated to work and there are absolutely no compromises when it comes to day to day work and professionalism, a part from it, there is a lot more entertainment in these days as far as Beijing in concerned but I heard from the local people that the life is much boring in different cities outside Beijing. People are acutely and drastically hospitable and we felt absolutely no discomfort while staying at different hotels. Students and other people around the city spoke and understood English and it was to my utter surprise. Food was not very good because the American food have some spics and taste whereas I found the Chinese people extra sensitive about the health and this they do not use any kind of spice and extra salt in their food. The arts and music domain is also becoming rich and there are numerous art clubs there. Xun (Ocarina-type instrument that is also an integral part in Native American cultures) and Guzhend are the integral parts of the Chinese music in the modern China. My interpretation of the observations is that the Chinese have awakened from a deep and long slumber and after the gigantic and long lasting Chinese revolution, the value and cultural sticking to the Confucianism is much stronger than before. The main reason behind the fact that Chinese people adhere to the cultural values given by their elders is that they know the gravity of the situation and perspectives which played key role in the development of modern china. As far as American culture is concerned, the culture is not much rich here because there is not specific bindings and code of ethics rather the culture is far more dynamic and dense in the subject matter. The music of America is somewhat more interesting that China and I did not like the music of China. The hospitality is the integral and primary part of the Chinese culture and my perception is that it is also because of the communism revolution and industrial richness. The Chinese managed to get vast foreign investments after the revolution and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Writing Your Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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