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Writing a Journal - Surmounting Barriers in Life - Essay Example

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This paper "Writing a Journal - Surmounting Barriers in Life" focuses on the fact that a journal refers to a personal account of one’s experiences kept on regular, if not daily, basis. It is often mistaken for a diary. The two serve the same purpose, that of recording occurrences in our daily lives. …
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Writing a Journal - Surmounting Barriers in Life
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Extract of sample "Writing a Journal - Surmounting Barriers in Life"

Download file to see previous pages There also are political journals. These present in-depth analyses of political situations at a given point in time. They could be reviews about a presidential tenure, an election period and political rivalry among others. They are often written by political analysts or journalists.

A personal journal, however, is distinct. It is a recount of one’s day to day experiences. This is one of the major fundamental roles of a journal. It requires no level of professionalism or formal training to write to them.

A journal serves as an archive for observations, insights, feelings, memories and impressions. It may also serve as a record for your plans and analysis, secrets and trail of jokes. It is the container for dreams and hopes, sometimes literally marked by tears; be it tears of joy or agony. It is where failures and successes intertwine to form a complex yet rich life. It helps you discover your unique inner world as it belongs to you. It is a guide, a track and a repository of memories (Dowrick, 4).

Journals yield professionals. It is a place to develop ideas or reflect on intellectual work. This forms an avenue for writing academic journals. Journals are a thinking place without inhibition, a place to pour out your great love for words without judgment or having to worry about what people will think about you (Dowrick, 5-6).

A journal is key support for creative writing. Creativity is the key to feeling alive and meeting situations more freshly even when things are not going your way. It lets you read your own world as you write. It lets you see the world around you more richly and deeply. The strange can become familiar, and the familiar can become strange. It helps you value your history, judgments, values and opinions.

The record of your life’s experiences can become a turning point for you. It gives you an opportunity to ditch bad habits; they make you more honest and make better choices about your life.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Writing a Journal - Surmounting Barriers in Life Essay - 3.
(Writing a Journal - Surmounting Barriers in Life Essay - 3)
Writing a Journal - Surmounting Barriers in Life Essay - 3.
“Writing a Journal - Surmounting Barriers in Life Essay - 3”.
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