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Identity Formation and Globalization - Essay Example

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Identity struggles on a worldwide level is largely an echo of and complexly interconnected with those on the other levels. As globalisation changes the power relationships on various levels, it also has extensive consequences for identity formation on both individual and collective levels…
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Identity Formation and Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages The term "globalisation", in essence, refers to the change of spatial and temporal limitations, which is the reduction of distance because of the remarkable reduction in the time required to bridge spatial differences which has, in turn, caused the slow integration of economic, social and political space across state borders. Even though, globalisation is often solely related to the financial field, which is with processes of distribution, production and consumption along with financial services and growing global trade, financial globalisation is intractably interwoven with changes in the cultural, social and political fields. In addition, globalisation is an extremely multifaceted and complex occurrence. There is, on the one hand, the tendency towards synchronisation, homogeneity, unity, integration and universalism. Also, there is the tendency for localisation, differentiation, heterogeneity, particularism and variety. These procedures are intricately intertwined. They represent, in reality, two sides of the same coin. Hence, the phrase "globalisations" is at times used to show that globalisation is not an ever-present or standardised process, but involves a variety of manifests, terrains differently in diverse contexts. The term – "globalisation" – is used to show that globalisation has different effects for individuals in diverse contexts (Cunningham, 2001).
In this rapid globalising planet with all its challenges, struggles for identity have come out as one of the most outstanding traits of the cultural, social and political field....
According to the cultural scientist, this outburst has since 1996 prompted an avalanche. A few other features of modern life have succeeded in drawing the same amount of awareness. "Identity studies" has not only turned into a thriving industry, but the concept of identity has also turned into the prism through which a majority other features of modern life are premeditated. Even traditional issues of social analysis are reformulated and refurbished to fit into the identity dialogue (Cunningham, 2001). Hence, discussions on "equality" and "justice" are discussed in terms of acknowledgment of the right to a separate identity. Culture also is studied in terms of categorical, individual and/or group differences and thoughts such as "hybridity" and "creolisation". In addition, political dialogues often centre on group or individual rights. Talks about identity are, nevertheless, not limited to the ivory towers of academic circles. Also, struggles of identity have become an essential element of intra-individual procedures, as well as of the political, and social scene. As such, struggles and discourses of identity have significant and extensive implications for policymaking on every level. Also, in an endeavor to develop national, local and global people-centered rules, with regard to information and communication technologies, as well as the media, cognizance will have to be taken of these struggles and discourses. Given the importance and prominence of these struggles and discourses and their far-reaching effects, this paper will look at a number of definitions of identity. In addition, it will give attention to the complicated relationship between processes related to globalisation on a variety of levels and struggles for identity. In echoing on identity discourses on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identity Formation and Globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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