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A good communicator - Essay Example

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Effective communication is important as it helps people to understand better a situation or a person, as well as enable people to resolve their differences, create environments where caring, trust-building, affection, problem solving, and creative ideas can flourish …
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A good communicator
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Extract of sample "A good communicator"

A Good Communicator Effective communication is important as it helps people to understand better asituation or a person, as well as enable people to resolve their differences, create environments where caring, trust-building, affection, problem solving, and creative ideas can flourish (Nielsen 19). Effective communication calls for one to understand how to receive, convey, and exchange information, as well as understand the context and emotion behind the information. Effective communication combines a set of skills that include attentive listening, non-verbal communication, capacity to understand and recognize one’s own emotions and those of the people being communicated to. For one to become an effective communicator, he or she needs to put a lot of effort and practice to communication (O'Rourke 12). This paper will discuss someone who is thought to be a good communicator. In particular, it will discuss President Barrack Obama and the qualities that make him a good communicator. It is generally agreeable that President Obama is indeed a good and effective communicator. This view is supported by the fact that his effective communication skills have helped him to win the hearts of many Americans and inspire people around the world. His election as a Senator in the year 2004, and as a President in the year 2008, and subsequent re-election in 2012 can be largely attributed to his effective communication skills. President Obama has been able to articulate his ideas very powerfully and clearly. So what qualities make him a good communicator? Four main qualities make the president a good communicator. The first quality that makes Obama a good communicator is his ability to know how to prepare a message with a clear and singular focus. This quality is evidenced by his message of “Yes We Can” in 2008 that passed a message to Americans that indeed they can achieve their aspirations (Nielsen 30). It is considered as one of the well-received messages in the world. This quality has made him manage to pull majority of Americans to his side, politically, and engage them towards a direction that he considers appropriate for them and for the nation at large. The president’s message in the just-concluded elections was clear and singular that he wanted to consolidate the developments he had achieved and make America better. The second quality that makes him a good communicator is the fact that he knows how to read his audience and is able to customize his presentation to make the audience listen to him (Adair 47). Throughout his presentations during campaigns and in international and national forums, one can see that he knows how to read the audience and his presentations are often customized to make the audience listen. This ability enables him to keep the audience engaged while he communicates. The way in which his audience responds to his presentations demonstrates this – they are often very keen and attentive (O'Rourke 76). The third quality that makes President Obama a good communicator is the fact that he seems to be passionate about the subject he is communicating about. As a political leader he proves to his audience that he has a good understanding of the issues he is talking about and that he is passionate about them (Adair 48). A case in point is the way in which he articulated the foreign policy during his campaigns and how he hoped to maintain America as a hegemon in the world. Moreover, he demonstrated how passionate he was about the health care issue. His passion about the topic pours every part of his presentation. The final quality that makes Obama an effective communicator is his ability to leave his audience with no doubt that what he said was objective and that the communication was aimed to achieve a certain end, eventually (O'Rourke 91). Being a political leader, he ensures that his communication influences the attitude of the people about the topic of discussion. President Obama’s communication is customized in such a way that it captures the aspiration of his audience and addresses the issues that are pertinent and dear to them. In addition, his communication calls people to action and make it easy for them to respond (Nielsen 55). Conclusion It can be seen from the discussion that there are qualities that are attributed to a good communicator. As has been noted, President Obama is one of the people who can be considered an effective communicator. The main qualities that make him a good communicator include his ability to prepare a message with a clear and singular focus; ability to read his audience and customize his presentation; being passionate about the subject he is talking about; and being objective in his communication. Works Cited Adair, John E. Effective Communication: The Most Important Management Skill of All. London: Pan Books, 2009. Print. Nielsen, John. Effective Communication Skills: The Foundations for Change. Indiana: Xlibris Corporation, 2008. Print O'Rourke, James S. Effective Communication. London: Dorling Kindersley, 2009. Print. Read More
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