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Effective Crisi Communications ( ) - Thesis Proposal Example

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Many researchers are now focusing their studies on crisis management, as it is now being realized how important it is to be prepared in advance in such situations. Crises are sudden and it becomes very difficult to think clearly in such chaos. It is, therefore, necessary to have…
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Effective Crisi Communications (thesis)
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Extract of sample "Effective Crisi Communications ( )"

Running Head: CRISIS MANAGEMENT Crisis Management Many researchers are now focusing their studies on crisis management, as it is now being realized how important it is to be prepared in advance in such situations. Crises are sudden and it becomes very difficult to think clearly in such chaos. It is, therefore, necessary to have a preplanned sketch of what is to be done to effectively manage crisis. If this is not done properly, the organization may come forward as “inept”, or in an extreme case, “criminally negligent” (Bernstein, 2012). Crisis situation may include anything from natural disaster to an economical breakdown. Depending on the situation, it is crucial that each organization involved in handling such situations is well aware of their next step to keep panic from spreading in public. In order to deal with a crisis situation many factors and issues need to be given consideration, for instance, how to communicate the situation to the general public without alarming. In this case, media plays an important role, so it needs to be given appropriate information by the organization (Coombs, 2007). The present paper focuses on how to effectively deal with crisis situations. The paper takes into consideration various crisis situations from the past and provides an analysis on how they were managed and what could have been done to better manage them. Moreover, the paper discusses each step of crisis management plan in detail and how to best implement it. The paper discusses the dos and don’ts of crisis management and also presents the consequences of taking bad decisions in such situation. Another important factor in crisis management, which is often sidelined, is the image of the organization managing the crisis. When planning for crisis management, it is important to keep in mind the public image of the organization, i.e. how will the general public perceive the actions taken by the organization in a crisis situation. Taking wrong decisions can tarnish the image of an organization in seconds. The organization may recover from the physical and economical harm done to it but the tarnished image will be difficult to fix, as those bad decision will be remembered and used as examples for years to come.
The paper focuses on both economical and natural disasters and the role of both, the role of governmental and non-governmental institutions in a crisis situation. The changes made in the methods of dealing with crisis management are also discussed in the paper. In order to successfully explore all these topics related to crisis management, the following research questions have been designed for the present study:
1. What needs to be done to assure effective internal and external communication during a crisis?
2. How to pick the best possible response from a number of responses in a crisis situation?
3. What needs to be done when the crisis management plan goes wrong?
4. What needs to be done once the crisis is over to restore the daily life and maintain a good image of the organization?
All these research questions provide a map for the research, which is based on secondary data. The data will be collected using secondary sources and previous cases of both, effective and non-effective crisis management, which will also serve as good and bad examples of crisis management.
Bernstein, J. (2012, January 27). The 10 Steps Of Crisis Communications. Retrieved February 13, 2012, from
Coombs, W. T. (2007). Crisis Management and Communications. Retrieved February 13, 2012, from Read More
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