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A live speech - Assignment Example

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Name 14 December 2012 Assignment I attended a speech given by one of the students at a college seminar earlier this month. The speaker was Mr. Matthew Greene from a reputed college in the city and he spoke about the effect of social networking websites on the grades of college level students…
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A live speech
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Download file to see previous pages The speaker had a concise outline to his speech which he gave beforehand so that the audience knew the areas that he was going to be dealing with; these included an introduction to social networking and the impact that it has on college life, the various pros and cons of social networking websites ranging from productivity among students, popularity and medium of communication to assisting in extracurricular activities. Finally, a counter argument was also presented to give the speech a moot point and help the audience decide for themselves rather than sway them into thinking on one track of the topic. Most of the audience included students from various high schools and colleges around the city because it was an event conducted by a few colleges around the city for both high school as well as college level students. The speaker had a very strong thesis statement because of the fact that it centred around the entire speech very well. The statement that he made was ‘Social media websites have been thus affecting school and college students’ grades because students end up spending more time on websites rather than studying.’ He was a very good speaker because of the reason that he was continuously engaging in conversation with the audience by making excellent eye contact with everyone as well as asking questions that helped people relate with what he was talking about. A few members of the audience were asked how they spent their day, and they replied by stating that they spend their hours after school or college in front of the computer, on websites like Twitter and Face book. These websites take up all their time because the new generation is obsessed with documenting their every thought on the internet. Moreover, they like checking into places on their Face book, updating their status and spend hours on a single photograph that someone would have tagged them on, commenting. All these activities eat up into their study time and they fail to get good grades or concentrate in the classroom due to being so hooked on to these websites all the time. The speaker also asked people to raise their hands to questions relating to the use of various websites, number of hours spent on them, and whether it has helped them gain popularity among their peers or not. An overview of the speech was given in the form of a listed outline at the very beginning as mentioned earlier, and thus people were prepared for the speaker. Moreover, this also added to their interest because the crowd, as a young generation group, was hard to please and the speaker was able to grab their attention easily by talking about Face book and Twitter and other such websites that find common interest among the youth today. People were thus able to easily anticipate the kind of questions that would be asked; the speaker used a presentation in the form of a power point to display a few posters that depicted statistics of the number of people in college using social networking websites and how the same either helped or hindered their daily lives and college grades. The audience found this very interesting and from the speaker’s point of view as well it was an excellent method of catching people’s attention easily rather than making them listen to his thoughts for the entire course of the speech. He talked about how the social network is a wonderful place to be for every individual in the world today because it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Live Speech Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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