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Public Relations- Theory to pratice : portfilio of client briefs - Essay Example

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PR CAMPAIGN PLAN FOR FRIENDS OF THE EARTH UK 1.0 Background Friends of the Earth (FOEI) UK is a member of the Global network of environmental organizations. The common goal is not only to advocate environmental conservation but also the issue of sustainability in economic and development areas, hence the claim of the "world's largest grassroots environmental network" that works on helping address "the most urgent environmental and social issues" (FOEI UK 2012)…
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Public Relations- Theory to pratice : portfilio of client briefs
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Download file to see previous pages These are: 1.1 Make it Better An advocacy targeted towards users of smart phones. The objective is to raise awareness in regard to how tin is being used in the screens of touch phones manufactured by companies like Samsung and Apple. Consequently, the campaign seeks to pressure these companies to reveal where their tin supplies are mined. By doing so, supply chains will be revealed as well. The tin is believed to be mined in Bangka Island, Indonesia and FOEI UK stresses that these companies must be called to task about how tropical forest and coral reefs are destroyed in the area. 1.2 Clean British Energy This campaign aims to contribute to the initiatives urging the British government to shift from fossil fuels and nuclear power to sustainable and renewable energy. This campaign touches on aspects of sustainability by emphasizing the achievement of British energy independence in such transition. Specifically, it targets policymaking, particularly, seeking to influence an emergent Electricity Market Reform Plan. 1.3 The Bee Cause In line with FOEI's food sovereignty platform, FOEI UK promotes the BEE Cause campaign, which is all about saving the bees because its extinction in the UK would supposedly lead to higher food prices and severely impacting environment, particularly the gardens, parks and the countryside. 1.4 International Climate This campaign is a response to the global warming phenomenon, widely seen as the cause of- or aggravating circumstance to calamities such as the flooding and hurricanes in various parts of the world. FOEI UK works to influence global policymaking and philanthropy by pushing for an increase in emission targets and increase in funding for relevant funding and initiatives. The current PR initiatives are confined to FOEI UK’s website. This is problematic because its exposure is very limited. In each of the campaigns, for instance, there is a form that visitors can fill, serving as a petition. While this approach may be acceptable its viability is suspect. For example, if one looks at the signatories to the “petitions”, the highest number did not breach the ten thousand mark. Clearly, there is a need to revitalize the current campaign. 2.0 The PR Campaign Each of the FOEI UK's campaign have existing public relations mechanisms that are independent of each other. This specific PR campaign plan will augment and support each of these in the context of the UK experience. In Billings, Butterworth and Turman's (2012, pp.106) work on the link between communication and sports, it was argued that culture provide a context on how products or messages are conveyed and received. Also, the campaign will provide an overarching campaign that would integrate them into a unique strategy that makes use of new media. The ultimate objective is to amplify the messages of each of these campaigns by taking advantage of the proximity of the public in the Internet platform, particularly in social media. The level of integration and access to these online communities as well as the commitment and emotional involvement of its users are important windows of opportunity. French and Runyard (2012, pp.325) accessibility and permeation of social media and the Internet news cycle in fanning the flames of an issue and this is especially true in the case of crises. It was pointed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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