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Review of Hunters Point of Impact - Essay Example

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Hunter’s book “Point of Impact” is a thriller full of suspense. The book was adapted into the movie “Shooter” in 2007 starring Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger. The story reflects on crucial themes, which are critical in the history of America…
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Review of Hunters Point of Impact
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Extract of sample "Review of Hunters Point of Impact"

Download file to see previous pages Hunter does not focus on Bob’s loss, but rather he sees him as a hero. According to Hunter, “Bob was not an influential leader, did not save lives, did not rise in the chain of command, but he was an extraordinary killer.” (Hunter 12). In the description above Hunter acknowledge Bobs expertise, we also know he was among the best snipers of his time. According to Polk county Sheriff, Bob was a legend during his service time in the Vietnam War he was as one of the bravest heroes the United States ever produced. Although Bob may appear a broken man from the Vietnam War, it is evident that his expertise is of importance even to an agency like Ram Dyne. Hunters’ narration brings together intriguing characters, which adds to the suspense in the book. Hunter gives us a sniper, the FBI, the CIA and a secret organisation Ram Dyne. Ram Dyne is a secret organisation that identifies Bob as the best man for their assassination plot. The CIA and FBI are responsible for investigating the assassination case, but it is also evident that some of their officials have links with Ramdyne. Good versus evil is a theme well covered in the book it is clear this exist in government bodies where we have good agents and evil agents. For instance, Nick Memphis is a good FBI agent who tries to correct every foul deed such as when he accidentally shoots a hostage, Myra, in an operation he tries to make amends by marrying the hostage. We have Howard Utey, special assistant to the FBI director, who is not afraid of getting his hands dirty in the process of achieving his goals. For instance, Nick Memphis establishes makes an inquiry on the dealings of Ramdyne, but in the process of Utey suspends him from his duty claiming that Nick is violating the rules in the...
Review of Hunter’s "Point of Impact"

he story is of a Vietnam veteran sniper, Bob Lee Swagger. After the war Bob isolates himself from the society and lives a silent life in the mountains of Arkansas. The Ramdyne Company are aware of Bob’s expertise and plan to use this for their benefit. The Ram dyne company who claim to be seeking support in finding a potential assassin approaches Bob. The company convinces Bob to carry out one last mission for his country. Bob is unaware Ram Dyne sets him up for an assassination attempt on the president. Yet the real target in the assassination was the archbishop. Bob survives shots he gets during the operation, but he becomes a target of every law enforcement agency and Ramdyne’s own killers. Bob runs to save his life in order to prove his innocence. In the story Bob has allies Nick an FBI agent and a nurse, Susan Fenn, his old partners widow. Bob is out to revenge the betrayal and prove his innocence by unmasking the evil dealings of Ramdyne. Hunter’s protagonist in the book is Bob Lee Swagger who we encounter in the mountain of Arkansas where he has adopted a solitary life.

Hunter’s aim of making Bob a hero is successful. We have Bob as a character who isolates himself from society. However, Hunter’s creation of this character’s passion for guns is not in an effort to demonize the character, but to emphasise the character’s expertise. To Bob, guns are not just a tool to supplement his task, but he has a distinct connection with his guns and his sniper skills. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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