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Taxi of the dark side - Movie Review Example

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Name of Student: of Tutor: The war in Afghanistan is one of the phenomena that have significantly shaped the new millennium. Since it commenced, there have been several issues brought to light in relation to this war. The one, which is of focus in most cases, is the atrocities, which are usually perpetrated against the local inhabitants of the Afghan country…
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Taxi of the dark side
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Extract of sample "Taxi of the dark side"

Download file to see previous pages The movie in this particular case is Taxi on the Dark Side. This is a movie, which points out some of the inhuman acts, which are carried out against the Afghan nationals. These acts are in most cases perpetrated by the troops who are on missions in the country. The central theme here is the torture of an Afghan vehicle driver who is tortured and beaten to an extent that he ends up dying while he is in detention. The activities that are highlighted in the movie can be explained in some theories for the purpose of pointing out the intricacies that come into play. The one theory, which is highlighted here, is the Magic Bullet Theory. Initially, it was believed that the media was an important tool, which would bring about positive changes in the society. This is one belief, which was particularly upheld before the new millennium. This theory especially had significant influence during the World Wars. There were several movies and depictions made for the purpose of elucidating people on the happenings at that time. The mode through which the information was communicated was done in such a way that people were very receptive of the message. The one thing which is of the essence to note with regards to this theory is that it is majorly reliant on assumptions as opposed to scientific facts. The assumptions in this case are that the mind of the human person is not reliant on the findings that are established from research. In relation to the theory, the media has taken significant advantage of the fact that people may not want to dig deep for the purpose of finding out the truth about a particular phenomenon. Instead, the people will be receptive of whatever is presented to them by the media instruments. However, in the recent times, the notion that the media may be a tool that brings about change in the society is something, which does not hold anymore. This is something, which is once again pointed out by the happenings on the ground in a country like Afghanistan. The atrocities which are carried out against the local inhabitants is within the know of the media personnel. For example, the issue of torture, which is depicted in the movie, may end up going without getting addressed. There is very little which has been done especially with regards to making follow-ups of the various cases that emanate. Also, in as much as these issues are brought to the knowledge of the relevant authorities, very little can be seen with regards to addressing the problems at hand. There have been several cases, which have been brought forth, even to the United States Government. However, it seems that the right measures are not put in place especially in alleviating the situation on the ground. The punitive action, which is also prescribed for the perpetrators, does not seem to be highlighted. If they happen to be brought to the public eye, in most cases these punitive actions seem to be things which can easily be left to slip. These happenings clearly point out that the impact, which the media initially had, has been watered down to an extent that people can be left suffering while nothing is done. The individuals in the armed forces continue carrying out their activities on other helpless people without showing signs of changing behavior. The other theory, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Taxi of the Dark Side Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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