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Interview Report - Assignment Example

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I took this interview from Mr. Joe who is the Massachusetts Branch Manager of the Joseph Merritt & Company as a project of my class. I took this class primarily in order to gain a better understanding of the way the business world operates. …
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Interview Report
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Download file to see previous pages Mr. Joe has worked at different positions within the company at different points in time. He started at the basic level where he provided help in different kinds of tasks and over the time, acquired new skills and talents and ultimately became the Branch Manager of the company. Mr. Joe has worked with a paralegal company before where he learnt image scanning. His ability to manipulate images played a fundamental role in his selection in Joseph & Merritt. Mr. Joe shared his experiences with this company and has thrown light upon the risks, challenges, opportunities, and strategies to be successful. In this paper, I have discussed the main points that I gained from the interview and have reflected upon my experience of conducting this interview. This interview was a very informative session for me in which I learnt many things from Mr. Joe. One thing that I have gained from the interview is that a businessman has to actively observe the market all the time in order to identify what are the current trends and business practices. For example, having observed that immense reliance on technology has made the businesses digital in their practices, Joseph Merritt & Company assessed the risk of decrease in the need of printing in the future and accordingly started offering new kinds of services including the sale of printing equipment and providing its clients with software services. Another thing that I have observed is that managing a business is much more interesting as compared to serving in a company as an employee. The main reason for this is that when one has one’s own business, it puts one in a position to experiment according to one’s knowledge, understanding, and assessment. One becomes more responsible since the future of the business is integrally linked with the extent to which the businessman makes informed and timely decisions. Working as an employee in a company provides very little, if any, opportunity to an individual to modify the business practices and there is usually very little appreciation whereas in business, even the losses are a source of learning for an individual because they tell how the strategies have to be modified to gain success. Success attained from personal decision making is a big motivation driver, which is why business is fulfilling and satiating psychologically, and emotionally. I also learnt that in order to do business in a rapidly changing market as the contemporary market, it is imperative that one knows what the right kinds of services are to be offered at a particular place at a particular point in time. For example, Joseph Merritt & Company has different kinds of clients in different places where its branches have opened. In some places, most of the business is conducted with the construction companies whereas in other places, schools and other institutions are the potential clients. Mr. Joe told me a lot about the use of social media in business in the contemporary age. Till now, I thought of social media only as a platform where people socialize with their family and friends and make new friends or run campaigns. This interview has told me a lot about the significance of social media as a business tool. I have found out how social media is being increasingly used by the companies and businessmen to approach potential clients, share information with them about the company’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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