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This essay will delve on the concept of how the nature of news production and reception to the audience has been transformed by new media technologies. It shall provide a critical assessment on whether the statement is true or false through citing of relevant examples. …
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New Media Technologies And News Production
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, families saw the need of sitting and watching the television after a day’s work rather than reading newspapers to acquire information. Additionally, the advancement in to the World Wide Web era gave birth to personalized consumption of information since it a was faster and more detailed way of news reporting. News production and the internet Moreover, the information transmission through the internet led to great cultural diversifications in the way of consuming news. The internet is a platform of free culture in that the information provided costs less or is free. Sequentially, the newspapers in the developed nations are unable to compete with the internet in terms of revenue accumulation. Undoubtedly, journalists who find themselves on the receiving end of losing their jobs because of the financial strain in the world today have implemented the use of blogging sites on the internet (Schubert, 2011:5). These blogging sites provide an avenue for the airing of their views through cheap and reliable means (Stuart 2003:36). They do not find themselves answerable to any one except authorities of their lands of origin. Therefore, the internet has offered a way of bridging the professional gap from that of being unemployed to that of independence for practicing journalists across the globe. On the contrary, citizens have also had their fair contribution in reporting, as the internet offers a platform for posting photographs and amateur video footage on happening events. This is what citizen journalism entails (Greer & McLaughlin, 2010:1045).Once these pictures find their way to the internet, they give room for research where the researching on more facts surrounding the developing story may get to the public domain...
This essay stresses that the media has a way of portraying protests and demonstrations by the public in a violent and the non-attractive way. Usually, they portray the demonstrators as those who have high traits of anarchy. This depicts the influence of the media in explaining the actual state happening events. However, governments have emphasized the need for positive reporting rather than negative reporting through the showing of disturbing images. Ideally, negative reporting may affect a country’s economy in that it may bring down a country’s attractiveness to potential investors. Modern day media forms should act as public relations features rather than weapons of ruining public image. Therefore, the media has a role to play in restoring public trust in institutions like the police force that have had the repute of violence and brutality to the public.
This paper makes a conclusion that The transformed media has a critical place in the present society because many use it as a matter of the need to feel informed. In this regard, responsible journalism should be the foundation for any coverage of information intending to reach the public domain. Ideally, the media is a tremendously powerful tool that which can influence the society either negatively or positively. Subsequently, the transformed media should ensure that it is impartial and steers the society towards the right direction. Finally, the transformed media forms have defined the standards of living for many of the urban citizens since the reception and production of news is immense quality and class. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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