Issues Journalism is Facing with Regard to New Technologies in the Contemporary Period - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Issues Journalism Is Facing With Regard To New Technologies in the Contemporary Period The increase in new technologies has impacted all sectors as it has brought about new approaches to almost every aspect of life. Journalism has been impacted significantly by the rise of new technologies, which make news coverage easy and efficient…
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Issues Journalism is Facing with Regard to New Technologies in the Contemporary Period
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Download file to see previous pages Newspapers and television broadcasts were being used, which were expensive, but today with the advancement in technology and the onset of the digital age, news coverage has been simplified (Sloan and Parcell, 2002). New technologies have come in to solidify news coverage, and despite the fact that news coverage requires the journalists to have skills, the new technologies have come in to provide the audience with more choices of where to get information and interact with others. Journalists have been forced to get skills in news coverage so that they can make their broadcasts appealing to the viewers. Today, live broadcasts are increasingly gaining familiarity and journalists are able to pass their messages conveniently by including videos in their broad casts. This has played a crucial role in ensuring that the viewers understand the message being passed by relating to the video since it provides them with the opportunity to understand the issue being discussed. The coverage of news on television has also been enhanced by the new technologies, which enable journalists to report live from a scene that is far away from their studios. The use of satellites has made this possible as the journalists communicate directly to the studio then to the audiences’ television sets. ...
This has enhanced the work of journalists as they are able to pass information to their audience efficiently. It is also notable, that mobile phones are used in radio broadcast where the journalists will repot about some information directly through their mobile phones to their stations and then this is broadcasted on the radios and television broadcasts. This has increased the efficiency of broadcasts since journalists do not have to travel to their stations to report on the coverage they record. Through e-mails and the ability to transmit news through the telecommunication infrastructure, virtual news rooms have been created, and they have enabled journalists to work from the field without having to visit the actual news room. News editors are then given the task of manipulating the news content so that they can transmit it to the audience in the most effective way. This has improved news coverage since there can be many journalists in various parts of the world hence there is a large pool of information. Consequently, this increases the efficiency of media house since they are able to transmit the real time occurrences and from different parts of the world (Pavlik, 2009). Virtual news rooms also have the potential of eliminating costs that would be incurred when maintaining a production center. This is because the communication networks are managed by systems and this makes it more efficient in terms of cost and reliability. The digital age has enhanced relationships between journalists and their audience as there is more direct interaction between journalists and their audience. Online newspapers are offering features that were not present in the traditional printed newspapers. The online newspapers provide a feature where readers can make comments ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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