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Article Review & Speech Evaluation - Book Report/Review Example

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Speech Evaluation The speech was both persuasive and motivational in impact. Mr. President persuaded America to place confidence in his abilities to bring a positive change after eight regressive years in the history of America. Besides, Mr. President motivated the Americans to play their individualistic and collective role in solving the issues that they can, so that they can help the government to help them…
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Article Review & Speech Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The speech was structured with examples, many of which were taken from the personal life of Mr. President. In addition, he highlighted the mistakes of the past government and the way they affected the American economy and sociopolitical conditions for the worse. The closing statement of the speech was memorable as it reflected Mr. President’s sincere prayers and wishes for America. The technique primarily used in Mr. President’s speech was enthusiasm. Mr. President’s physical appearance reflected the honesty of his ideas and reinforced the enthusiasm in his speech. Mr. President used his body language very prudently to reinforce his ideas. For example, when he was addressing John McCain in particular to deliver him the news that everybody puts America first, he was looking straight into the camera as if he was looking in John McCain’s eyes, whereas for the most part of his speech that was addressed to the American people in general, he was looking at the audiences. Mr. President used his voice to enhance his expressions. He maintained a stern look, loud volume, and serious expression while saying that the times have become too serious. Mr. President’s speech was grammatically correct and logically structured. The language he used was satirical at times, but that too was best-suited to the content at those times. For example, it sounded not only funny but also brought John McCain’s poor judgment into light when Mr. President said that he was not ready to take a ten per cent chance on change to symbolize the ten per cent of times when John McCain had deemed George Bush wrong. The main theme of the speech was to reflect upon the mistakes of the past, to highlight Mr. President’s intent to bring a positive change in America and to discuss the possible ways to achieve that. The speech was mesmerizing and motivating in effect. Article Review The main objective of the article was to assess the impact of education on the tendency of the audiences to be misinformed or manipulated by media during the times of crisis. The authors went about investigating this issue by selecting the case study of Iraq War, in which the media played a very biased role and misled the audiences about the threats in Iraq and thus justified the war. The authors were persuasive: first, due to selecting the appropriate case study and the appropriate news channels, i.e. Fox and CBS, for such an investigation; and second, due to discussing the findings in the context of the news media’s watchdog role and persuasion theory. The main findings of the study included more information among older viewers as compared to younger viewers, more incorrect information about Iraq among the viewers of Fox and CBS than among the viewers of networks having more balanced baseline, increase in the factual accuracy of information among viewers of more than one network, and positive role of education in reducing the likelihood of being manipulated by the biased news channels. The article could be improved by: 1. Supporting all claims with evidences, e.g. when the authors said that research has established education as a strong cognitive resource, some references should have been given. 2. Organizing the paragraphs so that the flow is maintained, e.g. on page 592, the paragraph explaining the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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