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Improve your life by facing the mirror - Research Paper Example

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Improve Your Life by Facing the Mirror Name of Institution Date Improve Your Life by Facing the Mirror It is no doubt that journalism, mass media, and communication play a more fundamental role in modern society than in previous years (Vivian, 2005)…
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Improve your life by facing the mirror
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Download file to see previous pages Ideally, these fields aim at informing the targeted audience on various topics including cultural issues, politics, and business, as well as entertaining the intended audience. Apart from performing those functions, these fields intend to provide the forum for public criticism by the public in a bid to address various issues and grievances that the public have. These fields use various media such as film, newspapers, radio, magazine, social media, and television to achieve their goals (Vivian, 2005). One of the fundamental elements of achieving the intended goal by communicators is objectivity and focusing on both the internal and external factors. However, over the years, communicators have been focusing on the victim mentality which has taken hold in their culture (Morin, 2011). This is a reflection of the reality in the society where people have found it easier to blame others for their unhappy situations and existence. This prevailing situation among people and communicators in particular is uncalled for (Brook, 2001). It is important that the people and specifically the communicators should focus on themselves through an introspective approach because the situation in society happens because of the actions and perceptions of personal individuals (Diamond, 2010). Individual’s life and that of the society at large can be improved by people facing the mirror and having a more self-awareness understanding. Improved self-awareness and subsequent self-improvement can be achieved effectively through a self-awareness training program (Goukens, et al., 2009). It is true that people tend to find it easier to blame others for their unhappy existence, and to generally look at external factors instead of focusing from within when analyzing and communicating difficult situations (Ratliffe et al, 2002). In particular, communicators have the tendency of considering themselves as the victims of certain circumstances. The culture of victim mentality is deeply entrenched in them, just like in other people. This mentality makes them to have the tendency of blaming uncontrollable or external factors, rather than focusing on controllable or internal factors for their unhappy existence or for the things that go wrong. Blaming uncontrollable or external factors put one in a mindset that there is nothing that one can do to control their life (McKittrick, 2010). As a result of victim mentality, people tend to lack objectivity because what they see and report is what they have created through their beliefs and thoughts. Consequently, the victim mentality makes people to make the mistake of looking for uncontrollable or external factors to fix their unhappy situations and bad moods (Zahavi, 1999). Instead of focusing within, they gain the tendency of trying to change virtually everything around them so as to feel better. However, focusing on external factors ultimately makes them to realize that they will still feel the same and nothing changes significantly. However, a closer look at the relationship between external factors and happiness shows that out of the many external factors that one is blaming only a few are the actual cause of people’s unhappy situation (Goukens et al, 2009). Actually, the other factors that one is blaming for their unhappy situations are innocent as the cause of such situations are internal. If one has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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