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CloudVM. Create a vm and set up a web server at Amazon AWS cloud. 2. VPS. Hosting the site at a hosting company such as iPage or bluehost where we share a user account with other users on a linux host. 3…
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WEd Design and Network
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Answer these question CDN vs Cloud Akamais Edge Server solution vs client side cache server solution. a. Its edge server is closer to the clients and therefore faster.
Yes No
Yes. The Akamai intelligent platform sends user content through the Akamai edge server that is physically closer to the user and therefore faster (Akamai).
b. The client browsers do not have to be reconfigured to send requests indirectly through the client side cache server therefore their accesses to Internet are faster.
Yes No YES
2. Akamais Edge Server solution vs Mirror Server solution.
a. Its edge server is closer to users than that from the typical mirror server to users and therefore faster.
Yes No
Yes. Users get their content from the closest servers such that page loads are faster.
b. Mirror server service is free while there is cost associated with the use of Akamai Edge Servers.
Yes No
No. mirror server services are not cheap. They are expensive because the servers have to be mirrored by their redundant servers.
c. Mirror servers are owned and operated by different organizations and their availabilities are typically lower.
Yes No
Hosting Trade-off.
We can host a web site with the following four option: 1. CloudVM. Create a vm and set up a web server at Amazon AWS cloud. 2. VPS. Hosting the site at a hosting company such as iPage or bluehost where we share a user account with other users on a linux host. 3. SharedHttpd.Share the httpd web server on a linux machine as virtual web site using directory.
1. Which option uses most resource?
cloudVM or VPS or shareHTTPD
CloudVM. It provides unlimited storage resources because it uses SAN storage.
2- Which option use least resource?
cloudVM or VPS or shareHTTPD
3- Which option enable one to upgrade software pacakges freely without interferring other users?
cloudVM or VPS or shareHTTPD
cloudVM. The cloud servers are completely separated from each other hence another users actions have no impact on you. Each user has his own virtual server.
 Web Server Configuration and Benchmarking
a. Web Server Configuration
1. What directives of the httpd server are related to the feature of adapting to the dynamic nature of the incoming traffic and resulting faster response time?
a. MinSpareThreads. Yes No
yes it is used to maintain a pool of spare or idle server threads.
b. MaxSpareServers. Yes No
c. Allow. Yes No
d. TransferLog. Yes No
2. What is the default MaxSpareThreads value set for worker MPM in httpd 2.4 version?
The default MaxSpareThreads for worker MPM in httpd is 250. These MPMs deal with idle threads on a server-wide basis. If there are too many idle threads in the server then child processes are killed until the number of idle threads is less than this number.
3. Explain why httpd would like to kill working threads after they process the request?
to eliminate dormant threads.
4. Understand directives and httpd option.
a. Explain why it is not wise to use "User root " directive.
because it can be modified by non-root users
b. If we restrict the httpd daemon with -X option, the site with MPM=client will outperform the site with MPM=prefork. Explain why.
This is because MPM=prefork uses only one thread
c. If we configure a web server with "Allow" in block directive , describe how and where can we view the server status of this web server.
The allow directive is used to specify access controls. Setting it to the address means that is the place we can view it.
5. KeepAlive Directive.
a. Describe the type of web pages where a web server with KeepAlive directive will signficantly improve the performance.
KeepAlive directive will enhance performance of webpages with many images because a single connection will be used to transfer multiple files.
If KeepAlive is so useful, explain why by default we set KeepAliveTimeout to 5 seconds, why not forever.

This is to minimize the time processes waste in waiting for requests.
Setting the keepAliveTimeout to a higher value can result in performance issues especially with highly loaded servers. This is because the server processes will be kept occupied waiting on connections with idle clients.
b. NGINX, Apache httpd, and nodejs
1. Describe what is the main advantage which NGINX claims to make it outperform Apache httpd.
NGINX usage of RAM and CPU is incredibly reduced. This translates to faster load times for videos, images and text without any need of out-of-the-box tuning.
Among those three web servers, which is slowest?
NGINX, or Apache httpd, or nodejs
Nodejs because it uses a single thread to handle requests.
1 Discuss the performance impact of running web server on a virtual machine.

Running a webserver on a machine affects disk I/O because of the additional overhead. This makes the VM compete for resources with the OS hence making the computer slower.
b Cache Server.
1. Which HTTP request header allows a client to tell all cache servers along the path to the original server not to cache the document?

2. Which HTTP request header is used by client browser or cache server to ensure no unnecessary document transfer?
3. Which technique is used to ensure the cached documents are evenly distributed in the apache httpd cache directory?
a. Hash the url and use the hash value as the file path for the cached document. Yes No
b. Use the file size as the prefix of the file path for a cached document. Yes No
 Reverse Proxy
a. What is the advantage of using reverse proxy with back end real servers, compared with direct access to the real servesr?
1. A real server can be run at different port numbers than that known to the client? Yes No
2. A real server of the reverse proxy cluster can be shutdown for maintenance without clients recognize it. The reverse proxy can automatically redirect the traffic to other real servers.
Yes No
3. Reverse proxy can distribute the request to different real servers based on the uri info in the http request.
Yes No
Yes. When a client request for resources a reverse proxy distributes those requests and returns those requests as if it were the
Reverse proxy can load balance the requests of the same url to different real server based on weight factors.
Yes No
YES. Reverse proxies are used to load balance several back end servers even at times provide caching for a slower back-end server
b. What are the command you used to restart the httpd server after your edit the httpd.conf file?

apachectl -k graceful
Akamai. "Any experience. Any device. Anywhere." 2014. Akamai. 26 February 2015 . Read More
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