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Research Assessment Paper - Assignment Example

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Research Assessment Course No: University: Date: Social identity theory mainly consists of social behaviors and social behaviors depend upon the interpersonal behavior as well as the intergroup behavior. Interpersonal behavior and intergroup behaviors consists of the characteristics, which are present in both the individuals as well as the groups…
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Research Assessment Paper
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Download file to see previous pages  In this research paper I have to cover these questions that are; a). List the journal reference in APA style. I have used the article “internet and the social life” because I have to cover that how can students minimize hesitation and make new friends that is why I have taken this article because internet plays an important role for minimizing the distances between people and for maximizing the interpersonal relationship. The authors of social identity theory demonstrate that completely interpersonal or completely intergroup behavior is discovering in realistic social situations. Media plays an important role for enhancing interpersonal communication because through internet you can easily done conversation and make new friends on social networking sites like on face book, orkut etc. Through internet you can email, chat, this reduces the communication barrier and enhances the social relationship (Turner & Oakes, 1986). b). List the researchers’ hypothesis as outlined in the first section of this article. Then explain in your own words the question(s) these researchers were trying to examine. Researcher’s hypothesis of this article is that internet plays an important role for minimizing greater distances and for maximizing the distances in interpersonal relationship between people like the people which are present in front of the face. In this article researcher has examined what are the effects of internet use, how the internet helps in formation and maintenance in interpersonal relationships and what are the effects of the usage of internet on the group membership, social identity, work place and community involvement. According to researcher of the article, he states internet helps great for maintaining interpersonal relationship like you can talk freely as well as make friends easily on internet and without any hesitation as compared to face to face communication. You can easily make friends of your class mates easily on internet from which you feel hesitation in face to face conversation. There are many positive effects of internet especially in interpersonal relationships like the parents can easily do conversation with their children who are studying in other countries and cities in a very less expense. Through internet you can easily make friends through social networking sites as well as through email, yahoo chat etc. In social networking sites you can share your favorite songs, videos which enhance the interpersonal relationships (John & Katelyn, 2004). Researcher states that there are many positive effects as I have stated above but there are also many negative effects like the weakening of family relations like children and youngsters prefer to utilize their time on internet while chatting their friends on internet, while playing games on internet instead of having conversation with their siblings and parents. Through internet people have made addicted of watch pornography. They utilize their several hours while watching these, instead of playing outside with their friends. Obesity has also increased because of sitting in front of the computer in several hours. The main reason of the obesity is the totally end of physical games because of intensive use of internet. The main biggest effect of the internet has happened on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Assessment Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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