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Communication Analysis and Application - Essay Example

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Which is more important? IQ or EQ? Name Class Professor University Date I. Introduction Traditionally, society has always been biased for Intelligence Quotient (IQ) as the sole measurement of intelligence. It has been thought that to do better at anything, one has to have a superior cognitive intelligence or IQ inorder to succeed…
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Communication Analysis and Application
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Download file to see previous pages It has been thought that emotion has no bearing in making an individual do good at anything and as such, irrelevant. Assuming the above notions are valid, one cannot help but wonder why so many smart people are not successful and why many not so smart people succeed. This inquiry is important for me as a student so I can reorient myself on which particular intelligence is more useful to become successful in the future. II. Research Recent studies however has illustrated that IQ is an insufficient predictor of success (Goleman, 1995). As early as 1920, Thorndike has already contended that intelligence is not merely confined to the province of logical-linguistic but extends to the social and emotional dimension. In this study, the bias for IQ as a predictor for success has been questioned given that logical-linguistic intelligence only covers part of of the many intelligence of a person. Since then, emotional intelligence became the subject of study of many organizational behaviorists, managers and psychologists and the research on the subject evolved to become a scientific endeavor that many constructs were developed to test and retest the validity and importance of emotional intelligence. ...
He stressed that no matter how educated, intelligent or academically well prepared an individual is, it will not still tantamount to success if an individual lacks the social and emotional ability to manage itself, relate and influence others towards an objective. Gardner even went as afar as claiming that a lack in technical skill is a negligible handicap in making it in life but one can do without emotional intelligence to make it in life. III. Analysis The research enlightened me that emotional intelligence is as important if not more important than cognitive intelligence or IQ. It is so important that without emotional intelligence, an individual cannot succeed no matter how smart or educated a person is. Meanwhile, an individual can also be successful even with minimal IQ for as long as he or she has high EQ. This findings basically tilted the equation favoring more the neglected EQ as more important to succeed in life. More often, we are too focused in our academics as if it is the sole predictor of success that we overlook how we relate to people. The study about emotional intelligence made me realized that I should pay equal attention to my relationships with other people and myself inorder to succeed. My curiosity why there are so many smart people who did not succeed succeed in life was answered by the research. I found out that getting things done is more a function of interpersonal relationship like teamwork, delegation and leadership. The analytical skill brought by traditional IQ can be delegated and is an insufficient determinant of a work outcome. Through this study, I figured out that the main reason why so many smart people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communication Analysis and Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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