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Godfather Name University Instructor: Course: Date Submitted: Godfather: Father Of All Movies A Must Watch For Any Generation Review Date Reviewer’s Name MPAA Rating: R Genre: Crime Release Date: 15th March, 1972 Godfather Introduction Powerful is the word that best describes the movie, as powerful were the lead characters of the movie, same degree of power was vested in the movie…
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Godfather Father of all Movies
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Godfather Submitted: Godfather: Father Of All Movies A Must Watch For Any Generation Review Reviewer’sName MPAA Rating: R Genre: Crime Release Date: 15th March, 1972 Godfather Introduction Powerful is the word that best describes the movie, as powerful were the lead characters of the movie, same degree of power was vested in the movie. The movie Godfather is undoubtedly the best that has ever been and the best that ever will exist in the Hollywood cinema. This classical movie, focusing on the mobsters of America is a movie that people from all walks of life and people from any generation should watch at least once in their life. The movie falls in the category of movies that are rated R; the movie received these ratings because there is tremendous amount of violence and use of adult rated language in the movie (Everson, 2005, p.109). The movie is said to be appropriate for individuals aging 17+ On Imdb, the movie has been rated 9.2/10 by those who have watched the movie and the movie stands second the list of top 250 movies of all time of Imdb (The Internet Movie Database, 2012). Godfather was aired in cinemas during 1972, the director of the movie is Francis Ford Coppola and Alber S. Rudy produced the movie. The lead role of head of the Mafia family in the movie was played by Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. The movie begins with the head of the mafia family overseeing the wedding ceremony of his daughter. Micheal, the son of the head of the Mafia family just came back after fighting a war and had no intentions of helping his father and being a portion of the family business (Coppola, 1997). The business conducted by the family was to give respect and gain respect and stand against all those who tried to hurt the interest and wellbeing of the family. The head of the family is spending his life doing business the old style, but competitors of the family start emerging with the idea of introducing drugs and selling them where the head was in control and they requested the head’s support to implement their plans. The conflict between how the head of the mafia family was doing business and how the new emerging mafia families wanted to business demanded support from the son of the family’s head and the son had to become a part of the business to safeguard the interest of the family. A movie representing its genre might have never been able to completely justify why that movie is a part of that genre, but Godfather is one such movie that clearly represents its genre of crime (Browne, 1999, p.167). Unlike other crime movies where the movie is focused on one of the several issues related to crime, Godfather has covered all the aspects of crime and produced a complete product. Very powerful performances, well connected stories, and very carefully created script of the movie has contributed to the sky rocketed success of the movie. The movie was able to collect three Oscars and was able to conquer 25 more awards and got nominated for 17 different awards. Actors’ Roles/Performances The two lead actors of the movie were Marlon Brandon who acted as the head of the mafia family and is named as Vito Carleone, when he migrated to New York he was full of ambition, though he was quite ruthless, he became the Godfather of the Mafia family. He is very humble towards his own family, and is very professional in his business but he exhibits strength against those who are a threat to the family business. The second lead role was played by Al Pacino, he portrayed as Micheal the son of the Godfather who later became the Godfather himself in the sequel. He seemed not interested in the business conducted by the family and was looking forward to become a part of some legal field and was looking forward to become a politician. Later he was forced into taking the role played by his father as head of the family, he was more aggressive than his father and he had no tolerance for those who cheated him or his family and he even gained wealth through the casino business. Location The movie is based upon a novel written by Mario Puzo, the novel had the same name as the movie, the movie was created in New York and the characters were a part of New York’s crime scene (Puzo, 1969). Certain scenes of the movie were even shot in California as well as Los Angeles, the scenes shot in the exterior location were shot in certain areas of Sicily and the major portions of the movie were shot in New York’s Filmways studio. References Puzo, M. (1969). The godfather. New York: Putnam. Coppola, F. F., Puzo, M., Ruddy, A. S., Brandon, M., Pacino, A., Ferrell, W., Duvall, R., ... Shire, T. (1997). The godfather: Part I. London?: Paramount Pictures. The Godfather (1972) - IMDb. (n.d.). The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Retrieved June 25, 2012, from Everson, E. M., & Everson, J. (2005). Sex, lies, and the media. Colorado Springs, Colo: Life Journey. Browne, N. (1999). Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather trilogy. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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