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Identifying and Comparing of an Audience Research Topic Area - Essay Example

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Research Case Studies By Institution 12th, December, 2011 Contents Research Case Studies 2 By Name 2 Course 2 2 Institution 2 12th, December, 2011 2 Contents 3 Introduction 4 The Identified Research Case Studies on Comic Books 6 When the Case Studies Were Conducted And By Who 7 Methodology Used In the Case Studies and the Target Audience 8 Research Objectives, Target Audience and Implementation 9 Contribution and Application of the Case Studies 10 Conclusion 11 Works Cited 12 Introduction Comic books are unquestionably one of the leading global entertainment media that have significantly contributed towards producing a number of the widely recognizabl…
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Identifying and Comparing of an Audience Research Topic Area
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Download file to see previous pages At its simplest definition, comic books are usually a series of pictures and words that are actually presented in a manner that is sequential in order to create a narrative. However, comic books are currently mass-produced quickly and inexpensively (Wright, 2001; Lent, 1995; Wright, 2001; Sassiene, 1994; Schodt, 1996). Comic books can therefore be regarded as a visual piece of art in a sequential illustration presented in its own artistic vocabulary whereby they usually combine both art and writing. Therefore, according to (McCloud 2000), comic literacy is actually needed by the reader to understand the incidences that transpire between the panels (Ferraro, 2004). This paper makes use of two case studies to discuss the development and influence of comic books in the contemporary society. Despite the international popularity of the comic books, and reasonable profits attained at times, this medium of artistic presentation of ideas has experienced very little systematic review on aspects pertaining to its practices. There is also very little international comparative analysis of the comic books sector (Schodt, 1996). Therefore, despite the wide recognition of the comic books globally they remain poorly understood meaning that the comparative analysis of various case studies will be intensely critical in providing some key information on comic books (Krensky, 2008). This is mainly because they have a lengthy history, very popular among the young populations globally as well as their contribution towards producing some of the most recognizable cultural icons (McCloud, 2000). However, comic books are generally generational experiences as they tend to be a domain of the young people who eventually outgrows them, remember them fondly, as well as reflect on them with a combination of bewilderment and, at times concern. Therefore, each generation tends to produce its own stories and read its own comic books that primarily address issues that prevail at that particular time (Krensky, 2008). Most of the comic books usually emerge from the shifts that are related to interactions between culture, politics, and audience tastes, thereby helping in framing a worldview and defining a sense of identity among the generations that have grown up with such books (Wright, 2001). Thus, they have undoubtedly played a very critical role in the lives of millions of young people around the world (Medioni, 1991; Solo, 1989) For definitional purposes, there is need for categorizing the comic books separately from the comic strips. This is mainly because despite the two of these entertainment media sharing a lot of creative similarities and historical roots, there is a markedly big difference in how they are produced, packaged, distributed, as well as how the business practices are usually conducted. For instance, the production of the comic books is usually done in a magazine format and they are usually sold as standalone products whereas the comic’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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