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Countering the Anti-Israel Apartheid and the BDS Messages - Essay Example

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Countering the Anti-Israel Apartheid and the BDS Messages (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) INTRODUCTION Anti-Israel apartheid is a set of propaganda against Israel that are meant to give a negative impression of Israel in the eyes of the world. The BDS messages are messages that are sent world over to spread propaganda against Israel…
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Countering the Anti-Israel Apartheid and the BDS Messages
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Download file to see previous pages The anti-Israel apartheid and the DBS messages have spread to an extent that in America, there is the Israel apartheid week which is an international campaign which involves, calls for boycott of Israel in US campuses. According to the current anti-Israel apartheid policy, fighting campus hatred is a strategy that is applied to curb anti-Israel apartheid. However, according to the CEO of pro-Israeli organization, there is hostile environment toward Israel in 60-80 out of 4000 American universities (Benhorin, 2012). This is a considerably manageable figure with added communication efforts, the number could go down reasonably. In the current policy, demonstrations are another strategy that is channeled towards bringing to an end or at least reducing the spread of anti-Israel apartheid and the DBS messages. Peace demonstrations are most of the time mistaken for riots. This leads to defensive response from other members of the affected area, for instance, these demonstrations lead to destruction of property, hence provoking havoc from the victims. Propaganda is a dangerous calamity that if not controlled well can lead to a number of calamities. These include; various states may cut economic links with Israel, and this may lead Israel in a crisis of lacking a country to trade with, which may lead to economy deterioration in Israel. It may also lead to cut of diplomatic ties from other countries. This would limit Israel to depend on her educational materials since there would lack exchange programmes among schools in Israel and those in other countries. These and many others call for introduction of a new policy to fight the propaganda. Just to mention but a few loopholes in the current policy, there is dire need for a new policy that will help prevent rise in the de-legitimization in a more professional way. The new policy will address the issue in all dimensions; social, political and economic. Social in the sense that it will take into consideration the social effects of the strategies put in place on the social lives the Israelite as well as those of other people. The policy will take care of the economic factor in that it will be reasonably affordable to implement both financially and time wise. THE NEW POLICY This is a policy that will use communication efforts to help prevent the rising de-legitimization. This policy contains terms and strategies that when implemented will give positive and more effective results. The policy will make it clear that other than using political strategies to fight propaganda, communication can also be used to curb the fast spreading calamity. Using communication means will enable the message to reach more people than demonstrations and boycotts would. Since the challenge at hand is spreading at a very fast rate, an equally fast means is required to counter its immense spread. Therefore, the strategies in this policy are designed to suit the speed at which the propaganda is spread and manage to save the face of Israel in the eyes of the world (Burgoon, Berger, & Waldron, 2000). These strategies include; use of print media, use of electronic media, use of social media, use of small media, publicity in international forums, use of targeted scholarships and campaigns in institutions . Print media is a strong tool that can be used to control this fast spreading fire. Print media ranges from newspapers, magazine, newsletters, journals and books. Through these channels, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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