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Guidepals City Guides Overtake on Today's Original City Guides - Research Paper Example

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Independent Research Study (IRS) Final Proposal “GuidePals City Guides Overtake on Today’s Original Paper City Guides“ Erik Moller Glion Institute of Higher Education E 61 Mr. Edmond Schofield Table Of Contents Table Of Contents 2 Introduction 3 A Smartphone is an electronic device of mobiles, which operates a highly developed operating system that is free to putting in novel applications, is at all times linked to the Internet, and which provides exceptionally diverse functionality to the consumer (Cromar, 2010)…
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Guidepals City Guides Overtake on Todays Original Paper City Guides
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Download file to see previous pages Using a Smartphone allows it easier to communicate, and the substantial difference with a Smartphone, is that you can access a browser, Internet, directly via your device. This includes blogs and social networks, which gives media a massive competitive advantage (Cromar, 2010). A later developed feature to the phone that has become a market changer is apps. Software applications are a vital element of the Smartphone market today. Every Smartphone operating system contains an online shop where apps can be bought and downloaded to the Smartphone to extend the functionality of the Smartphones (Cromar, 2010). 3 An app is a web application accessed over a network such as the Internet. It is computer software seen as a program that permits the utilizer to access the content he (she) is looking for more easily. Apps can be written in a standard format such as HTML and JavaScript. Go give an example of an app: Bank of America encompasses an app where one can see your account, look after your transactions and reach the bank directly via your device (Rollins, 2012). ...
It is believed that, considering speed and booming market of today’s smartphones, the ordinary paper city guide will disappear and that the current companies providing them should switch over to digital usage, to be still able to be able to compete with companies already using digital city guides through smartphones. To prove this study, I will refer to GuidePal (, One of the major players in the market today that provide city guides apps for Smartphones on all major platforms. It is a Swedish company, passionate about travelling, providing free city guides, completely objective, unbiased, constantly updated and created by local experts ( 4 Problem Statement: “ GuidePal application has overtaken original paper city guides” 4 Aim & Objectives 4 The aim of this research study will be to show how much of the industry, the digital city guide (city guides for smartphones) is taking over. To show the clear correlation between guided travelling today compared to 5 years ago, towards city guides. The aim of this study is also to answer questions in forms of: What it takes for a company to create city guides for smartphones? How much it costs to develop? What is attractive through the consumer’s eyes in a city guide today? What functions are there to today’s city guides via smartphones offering? How will digital city guides affect paper recycling? The purpose of this study are to give a clear vision to the consumer, how much more easy, giving, environment friendly and convenient it is to use digital city guides instead of a classic paper guide. 5 Literature Review 6 Due to today’s technology and development will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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