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The Ancient Greek City-State - Research Paper Example

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The goal of the current research paper is to examine the efficiency of a political organization named polis in a living community of the Ancient Greeks. The writer claims that its history is one of the most influential guides to understanding the origin of the modern world…
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The Ancient Greek City-State
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Download file to see previous pages The size of a polis varied from a few square miles to hundred square miles depending on the place. The larger ones were as a result of a consolidation of the smaller ones. For instance, Athens is a large polis which resulted from the consolidation of 12 small poles. According to (Hansen, 1996: p.67), a polis in the ancient Greek could be used to refer to an urban center or a town, as well as a political center of a polis in the sense of a state. Therefore, the polis refers to the ancient Greek city-state, which was the central urban area that controlled the surrounding countryside.
Hansen (1996: p.72) argues that most poleis (city-states), had only one settlement that was called the Polis. The Polis served as a central point where the citizens of the city-states (poleis) could assemble for political, religious and social activities. However, according to Kitto (1951: p.45), the Polis was so much more than a form of political organization. It was a living community, based on kinship, real or assumed- a kind of extended family. This paper will discuss how the Polis was more than a political organization and other factors that surround the Greek Polis.
Although the polis was much more than just a political organization, the term politics comes from the Greek term polis. Sealey (1976: p.102) argues that the polis was a community of citizens where all political, social, economic, religious and cultural activities were focused.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Ancient Greek City-State Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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