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Communications Paper on Media - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Communications Paper 1. How and why we use media Media is consumed for a variety of purposes in the society. Among other uses media in the form of internet gives me the ability to get information, or look for a job. Media is also used for entertainment purposes and this serves as the main reason why people utilize it…
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Communications Paper on Media
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Download file to see previous pages Newspapers also serve a surveillance purpose as they inform about what is going on. Through media, I also satisfy my social and psychological needs. This means media is a powerful tool for transmission of cultures and norms. I am able to be informed and learn about various norms and how I am expected to behave, as well. For instance watching television programs about other cultures makes me aware about them. I am also able to learn about their norms whether it is through print or visual media. Media is also utilized as an advertising tool. Media covers a wide audience making it a powerful tool for advertising and marketing. It is also used to influence the thoughts and needs of the society. Such form of media can be through propaganda whereby information is put out by an organization to promote a particular policy. From all these, the media serve as a gratification tool to the larger society since its survival is on the basis of satisfying the needs of a society (Gibson). 2. Costs spent on media Various media exist in our daily lives; therefore, costs are incurred when it comes to accessing media. To access the print media I have to purchase newspapers and magazines some of which are updated daily; thus, it makes sense to acquire them each new day. Print media are extremely important, but more expensive to access; thus, I spend more on it. For instance, to access academic materials, I have to purchase books, which are not easily available via the internet resource. Media is also important because communication and entertainment are a normal part of the day-to-day activities. Visual media are characterized by television and the internet. Costs are incurred in electricity bills and payment of internet subscription fees. When all costs are summed up it can be determined that a lot of money is directed on media in a given month. This can also be summarized by the fact that media consumptions occurs every day. 3. Description of a day without media A day without media is quite different since media had evolved to be a habit in my lifestyle. My first instinct in the morning was to check my phone, but I had to ignore the urge. Without media, I would not be in constant touch with others; thus I would not be able to know where I am needed and by whom. I will also find it hard to be informed about new developments around me. Because it felt like an addiction, I could not last a whole day without thinking about what I am missing. For instance, I could not be in contact with my friends and colleagues; thus, I would not be informed about how they are doing or if they have any information related to me. I would also tend to be scared at times because I was not certain about what I am supposed to do during the day. I could not read posters and information posted on notice boards; thus, I was not comfortable. Generally, I felt like I was in my own world since I was not able to access any new information that might influence me. Therefore, from morning to evening I was only making an appearance, but never really involved in anything constructive. By dawn, I felt I had lost a lot of opportunities. 4. What was learned From the experience on that day, I was able to learn and appreciate just how important media is to my daily activities. If I was given such a test, again it would be hard to try it because on that single day, I had missed on a lot. The urge to get information was quite big and I learned that I was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Communications Paper on Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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