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Name Professor Course Date Symbolic Interactionism Theory The theory’s argument regards the world as socially constructed. This implies that, it is only an individual through interaction with diverse environmental aspects and varied interpretations one holds, will give essence to a certain entity of life (Aldiabat & Carole-Lynne 1067)…
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Symbolic Interactionism Theory
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Download file to see previous pages Since, it encompasses people inhabiting certain global fragments who have attached numerous interpretations to their environment. Additionally, it argues that an individual’s perception is a reflection of fellow people’s appraisals whose basis lies in the already constructed interpretation (Jeon 254). The concept stresses the essence of words that human normally apply while describing conduct of fellow individuals and in relation to their inhabitancy. For instance, a rapist may shield himself by arguing that some women (hitchhikers) cannot claimto be a casualty of rape. Since, she asked for it while the motorist was not even aware of their presence until they waved the car to a halt to inquire for lift. Horton C. C. and George H. Mead were the pioneers of this conception, which emerged during the onset of 20Th century (Aldiabat & Carole-Lynne 1069). Primarily, this theory entails interpretation of aspects amid few opposite parties aimed at enhancing their interaction in a communal setting. Strengths The theory does not entail complex criterion that comprises rules governing varied symbol interpretations (Jeon 249). Since, one’s capability of communicating effectively and understand diverse symbols or objects in his social environment depends on one's aptitude to mingle with others. This strengths the society because people emanating from a similar region normally hold on to identical interpretations about varied aspects that enhance their relations and makes them exceptional (Aldiabat & Carole-Lynne 1065). In addition, it is easy to transmit information because the recipient only interprets previously known objects’ meaning in the mind, which the communicator refers. Symbolic Interactionism in some incidences may not require talking, where a person through gestures is capable passing the message as necessitated. Weaknesses The theory is a challenge especially in numerous incidences, where one cannot exactly fathom whether the interpreter is reacting to stereotype or is natural. Since environment in which one resides determines general interpretation of a send signal, which may be due to information held towards a certain symbol or people. This concept has no way of having a clear “control group” because socialization of an individual may have a significant impact from birth. Hence, implying that what one esteems and comprehends regarding a certain aspect will remain and no external impact of the societal fabric would create a diverse, significant consequence. Critics argue that the concept is an outline of theories. Hence, implying in its application and study lacks basis because due to other concepts inclusion, hence serve a central role in its structure. This makes the theory incapable of handling social structures and related aspects especially those that are macro. Symbolic Interactionism tends to be limited within a region where its interpretations abound while derailing the external relations, hence seclusion of people. Theory Application One morning while in the 11Th grade and during a Math’s session, the teacher (Amos) after reviewing previous lesson’s content informed us that will have slight exercise to awaken the minds. In his hand, Amos had a work sheet that he kept on referring while instructing the class. The exercise meant to prepare us for the next topic, where each received a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Symbolic Interactionism Theory Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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