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Individual Analytical Report - Essay Example

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Individual Analytical Report Name: Institution: Studies on the public sphere and the media are becoming more prominent in communication studies. This paper aims to discuss the public sphere’s key elements that include structural, interactional, and representational, as well as focusing on the internet and political communications, especially on democracy…
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Individual Analytical Report
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Download file to see previous pages The internet pluralizes and expands the public sphere in various manners. The paper then moves on forward to the dimension of interaction in the public sphere, with emphasis on how public sphere internet deliberation proceeds in the political communication’s contemporary environment. Deliberative democracy is then examined in the analytic category. Civic cultures offer an alternative to the comprehension of online discussion of politics significance. The internet continues to have an enormous informational role in political communications. Public sphere is a constellation of a society’s communicative spaces, which allow the circulation of ideas, information, and debates, which are delivered in an unfettered manner. It also allows for the formation of political will and public opinion. These spaces, in which both the more recent interactive media and the mass media are prominently figured, serve as communicative links facilitators between the societal power holders and the citizens (Alasuutari, 1999 p98). The term is utilized in singular form, although the plural form is pointed at by sociological realism. In differentiated large-scale societies, in the late modern era, especially in societies penetrated by globalization, the public sphere is understood as constituted of numerous different spaces. It constitutes of three main dimensions; representation, structures, and interaction. Structural dimension consists of formal institutional features (Anderson, 2003 p134). These include media organizations and their ownership, political economy, control, legal frameworks, regulations, and issues affecting financing. The dimension of representation is referent to the media’s output including that of the mass media and “minimedia” that have small groups as their target, especially promotional material and newsletters. All the familiar criteria and questions can be raised here concerning media output for political communication (Asen, 2001 p 109). These include fairness, completeness, accuracy, setting of agenda, pluralism of views and ideological tendencies. For the interaction dimension, there exist two aspects (Asen, 2001 p109). First is the encounter of the media with the citizens, and the process of communication that makes sense, interprets and uses the output. The second part has to do with the interaction between the citizens. This could include large meetings or two-way conversation. Contemporary democracies have been facing difficulty, with the evidence showing that issues regarding public sphere’s representations, structures and interaction modes (Baker, 2002 p 78). Democracy’s poor health came into sharp focus at the same time as the internet’s rapid leadership of media revolution. These two phenomena were connected optimistically. Traditional political communication systems were destabilised by late modern societal changes. This was attributed to an increase in socio-cultural heterogeneity, massive increase in channels and media outlets, an increase in political mediators and political advocates like consultants and experts, growing disengagement and cynicism among citizens, and the emergence of cacophony due to media abundance (Beck, 1997 p178). Citizens belonging to more than one culture or group must find spaces for meaningful participation (Bennett, 2003a p199). This is due to the current trend for pluralism and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Individual Analytical Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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