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Internet Changing Journalisim - Essay Example

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Internet Changing Journalism [Student’s Full Name] [University’s Full Name] [Day Month Year] Journalism is the process of investigating, collecting, gathering, writing, editing and broadcasting different events, news, issues that may be social, political or general, trends and other information to a vast audience by various means…
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Internet Changing Journalisim
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Download file to see previous pages Journalism besides covering political and social issues it also covers cultural aspects related to the concerned society like arts and entertainment. In the old times there were only three ways through which news and other information could be published or broadcasted but now in this modern era anyone can produce media if he has an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone. In the olden times journalism was an extremely professional career but now journalism has de-professionalized due to other forms of media and most importantly the internet (Whitman, Bergman, Noverr & Recchia, 1998). With the introduction of internet, journalism has quite changed in all aspects. The internet is a very wide network which comprises of many wide networks. It has become a very interactive form of media. Data through the internet is sent by means of packet switching. No form of media can attract such a large audience at a single time but through internet this is possible. The greatest advantage of internet being the ease of availability, use and cost effectiveness have made it even more common among the people. Anyone having access to the internet can have contact with all of the people of the world. Internet has removed all bounds and limits that were included with the traditional journalism. Internet has now become the center of all mass communication (Pavlik, 2001). There are various kinds of journalism that people are adopting as a profession or being practiced by amateurs. Internet has affected all types of journalism. Examples can include the following. Fashion journalism is one of the kinds of journalism in which the person has to write articles related to fashion and life style. People interested in fashion writing can opt for this profession; such articles can be read in newspapers and magazines and nowadays certain TV channels are there which only cover fashion related issues and trends. The internet has revolutionized the fashion journalism. We can now easily get access to the latest fashion trends and tips on the net in a jiffy anytime. If we were to watch a show on television we will have to wait until the show is aired on the television but through the internet we can access anything, any information without a time restriction. Tips to life style, health tips and other fashion related issues can easily be accessed through the web. Now almost all fashion magazines and fashion channels have correspondence with their own website. The journalist now has to work more hard and find more interesting and innovative ideas so that people are more attracted towards reading magazines and newspapers (Dreiser, & Nostwich, 1988). News journalism is another type of journalism in which news related to political, social issues, current issues, weather, entertainment news are covered. In the earlier times news could only be accessed by the people through the television and when there were no televisions then it was done through radio, and later on by newspapers as well. But all this required time and spending of large amounts of money. News through the newspapers could not be reached to the people instantly and the people had to wait a whole day long to read the news related to that day because it took time to gather, write and edit news and articles and then print them. For the news on television we had to wait for the time on which the news would be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internet Changing Journalisim Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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