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Post natal depression - a challenging Phase for the new mothers - Essay Example

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Post Natal Depression – a challenging Phase for the new mothers You have just had a new baby and yet you feel like it is the end of your life. This could be the mindset in some mothers, after giving birth to their precious babies. This condition is otherwise known as Post-natal depression…
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Post natal depression - a challenging Phase for the new mothers
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Download file to see previous pages If one has a close watch on these mothers, they will exhibit roller coaster of emotions leading to extreme mood swings. In a way, the symptoms of post natal depression could be similar to other mental other depression. Early Signs In most of the cases, the mothers are usually unsure of what is happening and they may not know what needs to be done to solve the problem. Literally they will be cornered. They are often filled with mixed emotions with the joy of the new born and at the same time dissatisfaction with their body conditions and other mental pressures. A common thing that will be visible most of the affected new mothers is the lack of sleep. Some of the other symptoms include low self esteem, negative thoughts, irritability, poor concentration and difficulty in making crucial decisions, loss of appetite, etc. Failure in identifying the post natal depression can cause devastating effects on both the mother and the child. Like any other depression, the post natal depression can also be cured and the patients need not panic because of their condition, as the only step they have to take is identify the symptoms early and get treated immediately. What are the factors that could lead to Post natal depression? Physical changes “New mothers are experiencing biological, physical, emotional and social changes. It is likely that postnatal depression is caused by a combination of these things.” (“The Causes for Postnatal Depression”). From the above sentence one can clearly understand that the main causes of the Post natal depression is based on the Physical changes, emotional changes and social changes a mother will undergo after the delivery of her child. Many friends of mine, who were recent mothers, revealed that they felt worn out and was tired all the time, after the delivery. This is one of the major physical changes and it can be described in the form of the exhaustions and the post operative pain, if the expectant mother had a caesarian delivery. Also the mother’s appetite may be affected due to improper intake of food and as a result they may become physically worn-out. They feel less confident and also less attractive because of the changes in the body conditions and become less inclined to look after themselves. As new mothers will be naturally fat due to pregnancy, they will think that their beauty has all gone, and their husbands will not like them. Emotional Changes The next aspect that could cause this Post-natal depression is the strong emotional changes, which may occur in the mothers’ minds. They may not experience the same positive feelings, which they might have had or expected during the pregnancy, after they had delivered their babies. “Adapting to parenthood is daunting.” (“Better health Channel”). As per the statement the new mothers need to fulfill the constant demands of the child which is a highly tiresome process. On the other hand, the tiredness caused due to the delivery pain can also bring about depression and therefore they will not be overwhelmed with their babies. Social Changes The other vital contributing factor for the post natal depression is the social changes, when will be undergone by the mother. It seems that even the whole society could act as a ‘villain’ against the mother. That is, the arrival of the new baby might cause an upheaval in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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