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Name Institution Course Instructor Date The United States Constitution Promotes Intercultural Communication The American community consists of a multicultural population. The population ranges from Caucasians, African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and whites…
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The U.S. Constitution Promotes Intercultural Communication
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Download file to see previous pages The constitution ‘encourages the American people to become one people. The legislators have been developing policies that seek to bring about intercultural communication. The policies should serve to institute a healthy form of communication that appreciates cultural diversity. However, despite the efforts, an analysis of the current situation indicates that more needs to be done. For the American community to thrive peacefully and in unity, intercultural communication is essential (Castillo-Ayometzi 1). Intercultural communication refers to a form of conveying messages in an ethno-relative manner. In the past years defined by the worst forms of racism, each race has had an ethno-centric communication. The whites communicate in ways that make blacks feel intimidated. Christians pass messages that imply that their religion overrides Islam. This perspective of communication centers on creating an overemphasis of one’s culture. It involves defending it unnecessarily too much while rejecting to appreciate the culture of other people. Inter- cultural communication is necessary in the society. An intercultural communication is the type of communication will foster an understanding between the people and the existing differences will reduce. Intercultural communication is necessary not only for internal unity but also affects the relationship with others countries whose beliefs, policies and religion differ (Jandt 99). The multiracial population in America makes it more tasking for intercultural communication to exist (Castillo-Ayometzi 1). The country has a dark history of slavery against the blacks and continued racism and white superiority. Slavery and racism has brought about a divide in the American society. Racism has caused the blacks and minority races in America in the past. To bridge the gap racism has caused, an intercultural communication is a step towards bringing unity to the nation. Some institution offer intercultural communication as a course for the young generation to learn to appreciate the existence of variety. In the past, an ethnocentric perspective has existed in the minds of the whites. All races differ in various aspects in behavior, religion, values, and norms. Since these people live in the same country, it is worthwhile for an ethno-relative form of communication. Communication is an aspect whose importance society should not underestimate (Jandt 91). It determines the value of our interactions with others. Although English is the official American language, it is not the only language in use by the different cultures. The constitution in this case seeks to establish a universal language that people should use regarding official matters. This was a step towards building intercultural communication. This requires all people to use as a means of communication in official business (jandt 91). This policy served to foster a communication that is beyond ethnicity and culture. Having an official language prevents situations in which people in offices use a language that other people do not understand. However, the minority groups that cannot speak fluent English faced negative effects. They could not express themselves clearly and this created a barrier for them. They received services without satisfaction. In other cases, they failed to access essential basic services. This shows that legislators should do more to foster the development of a lasting effective intercultural com ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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