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The Advocacy for the Use of Nuclear Energy as a Sustainable Source but a Control of Its Proliferation - Essay Example

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Yilmaz Yigit Tokman Jeffrey Peirce EGR 150 February 27, 2012 Topic: The advocacy for the use of nuclear energy as a sustainable source but a control of its proliferation Abstract The paper offers an insightful analysis of how nuclear energy has by far been underutilized…
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The Advocacy for the Use of Nuclear Energy as a Sustainable Source but a Control of Its Proliferation
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Extract of sample "The Advocacy for the Use of Nuclear Energy as a Sustainable Source but a Control of Its Proliferation"

Download file to see previous pages An increase in it use will foresee a replacement of the green house gases that bring about global warming and able to foster development. The increase will by far bring about a ‘sustainable development’, which was a term coined by the Brundtland commission whose intention were to protect the future generations while minimizing depletion of the same resources at present. This paper therefore offers insight on the issue of increasing nuclear energy so as to meet the global energy needs that the (world energy) council contends as being huge to meet the efficiency within which energy is provided. However, the paper is still cautious of the negativity involved with the issue such as the proliferation and the threats it brings about. Reviews The proposal exposes the intricate relationship that exists between the use of the energy and the impact it has on the environment. The proposal is about the increase of the use of the nuclear energy to supplement the existing sources of energy. The advocacy for the increase in the usage of nuclear energy does not imply ignorance should be made in regards to the threats that exist. This underlies the fact that there has to exist laws and regulation that govern the usage and production of such. This ensures caution and a further responsibility to be held by countries that get involved. The proposal offers the alternative to the prevention of what is being envisioned; which is global warming and a world that will have sustainable development through the production of nuclear energy. The proposal hence offers both an analytical and critical outlook of where the world is ending in terms of the sources of energy and the path within which it is to be undertaken to make these world a more efficient and safer place. Hypothesis The belief is that the current sources of energy that include fossil fuels (such as coal and oil) are becoming exhausted at an alarming rate, such that within the next decade they may be depleted. This leaves the question of how humans will sustain themselves and hence the need for an alternative source of energy that should be dependable and exist in limitless nature. Nuclear energy is believed to be resourceful in that it can provide what is required to supplement or become the existing source of energy. Long Term Objectives The objectives that are likely to become the long term are one that will make nuclear energy a sustainable energy source that will be reliable and have no harm to the environment. The perceived lack of emissions of green house gases is revelation that it holds the future for sustainable energies. The world will be able to achieve energy in ways that are environment friendly and are not a threat to its existence. The advancement of continued use of fossil fuels has been seen as one that erodes the environment whereas the research in fusion energy provides more attractive commercial products. To this end, studies have confirmed that the cause of global warming is mainly the release of green house gases. This then means that nuclear energy is not among the factors that lead to global warming, an indication that it is a clean energy for the present and future. Background It is without a doubt that the world stands threatened due to the global warming. This is so because since 1950, the world’s climate has been warming, primarily as a result of emissions from fossils. The term global warming has therefore become a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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