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Team and Groups Paper - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Team and Groups Insert Name Institution Course Date Team and Groups The opportunity to work with a team of professional sportsmen was a chance of a lifetime to me. This is the experience I had with Los Angeles Clippers, a basketball team playing in the western conference in pacific division as classified by the National Basketball Association…
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Team and Groups Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The team comprised of players coming from around the world but mostly Americans. The team had an opportunity of working with the youth from the region in creating awareness on abuse of drugs among students. This was like social service work for them. The Los Angeles Clippers was formed in 1970, and it started out as the buffalos, then it was later called San Diego then finally it was called the clippers. Their matches were scheduled to be played at Staple Centre a place that they were to share with the Lakers and the Sparks. Through analyzing this team and committee, I came to understand some aspects, which create a dynamic difference found between groups and teams. I noticed there were leadership differences found in groups and teams (West, 1994). This was evident during the workshop whereby I realized that, in a team everybody is a leader by himself and everybody in the team initiates responsibility of delivering. On the other hand, in groups, leaders set goals and expect members in the group to be in a position of meeting these goals. Moreover, I observed that in teams, leaders are seen as role models, and they set outstanding examples in their teams to be followed. They also follow rules, and they are part of the team while undertaking all tasks. However, in groups leaders blame other members if goals are not met as per the requirements (West, 1994). In groups, leaders are superior to other members. This makes the relationship, between members and leaders to be minimal, as they do not have equal mandate in the group. Deriving from my experience, I realized that everybody had a responsibility to carry out in order to ensure growth of the team. Compared to groups where everyone had his or her own personal contribution, in that team the case was different and anybody’s objectives were the achievement of the team. Therefore, there was no team member isolated in success or losses of the team. The workshop made me realize that everyone wanted to be counted in team success, and also ensured that their contribution was for the team benefits. In groups, individuals strive hard to ensure they are at the top, which creates rivalry between members of the group (West, 1994). A team ensures that each member carries out collective responsibilities, and there was room for improvement as the weak members are motivated to work hard within the context of the team. In reference to loses, nobody was punished individually, and everybody accepted outcomes that embraced penalties of the loss. Through this experience, I understood that there was a collective responsibility in the firm, and they needed each other to grow financially and mentally. Team members based their overall result of the team. I recognized that a team depends largely on its members to attain their goals. This collective responsibility ensures that individuals were in a capability of helping other members in the team. This was possible as our leader and all members of the team and group being involved in the decision-making. For instance in our team, leaders communicated freely with other members. It was difficult to identify leader unless somebody pointed him out. The role of a leader was made to be nominal, as the goals set should have received approval from team members. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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