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Section1:Business Plan(report form)Section2: Literature review - Essay Example

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Management Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Subject: Management. Topic:  Section1: Business Plan (Report Form) Section2: Literature Review…
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Section1:Business Plan(report form)Section2: Literature review
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Download file to see previous pages And Massmart Holdings Ltd is a one of the South African based firms that possess local brands, for example, Makro, Game, CBW and Builders’ Warehouse. It is the third biggest distributor of consumer goods in Africa, the biggest retailer of general goods, liquor and home development tools, and wholesaler of fundamental foods. There are numerous problems which Wal-Mart faces at present, and they are essentially significant in this extremely competitive business world. One of the principal problems arises from the teams and community groups in Walmart and Massmart. The difficulty experienced by Walmart is concerned with the building of cross-cultural teams in Walmart and Massmart. The paper intends to make a report regarding this problem, and give recommendations on the same. Setting up a proper work team in planning the future of Massmart, and building up a new vision have been found uneasy to achieve, and this can lead to the failure of Wallmart strategy. “Because of differences in culture, an employee posted outside his or her home country will experience confusion, alienation, disorientation, and emotional upheaval. This is known as culture shock” (Cross-Cultural Issues n.d pg 27).Even if no one can force to have such kinds of union in Wal-Mart, these troubles still hurt the industry itself. The unions and team complain that Wal-Mart stores take benefits from the stuff meant for sale. Based only on their revenue, they were not capable of providing health insurance and various other types of benefits. Wal-Mart workers normally give the business high performances, but they never obtain appropriate benefits and pay. In fact, they obtain an extremely low pay. “Wal-Mart may face several adverse consequences as a result of staffing and scheduling not being prepared appropriately” (How Strategic Management Handled Wal-Mart’s Reputation 2005). SUMMARY Purpose: The purpose of this report is to explain the various problems related to cultural differences in team and community group at the time of Wall mart in the acquisition of the Massmart Company in South Africa and to find some solution regarding the same. Scope: It explains the problems connected with team building, offers some possible solutions and assesses each of these. Effectual teamwork is necessary in the modern world. Team formation needs more time, and generally follows some easily identifiable phases, as the journeys of the team is from the state of being a group of unfamiliar persons to that of being a joint team with a common objective. Culture is the one of the significant ingredient that will helps to build strong team and group formation. So, cross-cultural difference among the two companies leads to various cross-cultural issues. “Effective team leaders can accelerate that process and reduce the difficulties that team members experience by understanding what they need to do as their team moves through the stages from forming to storming, norming and, finally, performing” (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing 1996 Pg 1). Conclusions: The report recommends solutions and measures to avoid and conquer problem related to team and community group in Wall mart in the acquisition of the Massmart Company in South Africa. These kinds of solutions are based on the literature review of cultural issues. Wal-Mart is the world's major retailer and the biggest business in the world based on incomes ignoring earnings (profits), ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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