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This research paper explores the primary role of media in modern society, that is to deliver accurate news to the public.It also discusses the use of mass media such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines and some controversial issues over modern electronic games …
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The Emerging Forms of Media vs. Traditional Forms
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The Emerging Forms of Media vs. Traditional Forms The Emerging Forms of Media vs. Traditional Forms Part One Theprimary role of media is to deliver accurate news to the public. It should not be biased in presenting the news to the people and must not be influenced by any person, group, organization or institution. It should be objective in imparting information to the public. Media has a critical role to play because it has a social responsibility to society. Based on these guidelines, it is one’s belief that the lead story should be the closure of the city parks for three days in a week. It is of utmost importance because it has an actual impact on the lives of the people. It may not generate as much ratings as the death of the major celebrity but it is a critical issue that must be addressed. The information must be disseminated to the other members of the community who may not be aware of it. It will also project an admirable image for the television network, that it is not so much concerned with the ratings but rather it is more concerned with issues that are relevant to the welfare of the people. There are a number of methods whereby information is delivered to audiences. The use of mass media such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines is the most effective method employed if the objective is to reach a large audience (Richardson, Jenkins, & Crickenberger, n.d.). Generally, the method used in delivering information to various audiences would be based on “the target audience, the educational objective, the type and content of the message being delivered, the characteristics of the delivery method and the method’s usefulness in providing the desired learning support” (Richardson, et al, n.d.). Media delivery has evolved in various forms. It is no longer confined to newspapers, magazines, television or radio. The continuous development in information technology paved the way to other forms of media delivery like the internet. These modern forms of media delivery have its advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage is the widespread access to information. Convenience and speed are major advantages of modern media (Nelson, n.d.). A disadvantage of this however, is that not all information that one can obtain may be correct; thus, there is a need to be cautious on the data that one receives. The difficulty lies in the fact that when other people read the information already, it is difficult to rectify it. Extra precaution must be undertaken especially among children’s access to the internet. There are several legal and ethical concerns attached to the use of online services. The major areas of concern include “protection of intellectual property, prevention of fraud, protection of freedom of expression versus problems of defamation, protection of privacy, control of Internet indecency versus free speech and control of spamming” (, n.d.). Part Two Several movies and television shows reflect culture in the stories that they portray. Movies filmed in foreign countries expose the culture of those countries giving its audience an idea of the culture in that part of the globe. Television shows also reveal real life dramas which somehow echo the beliefs and traditions of a certain group of people. Culture plays an important role in the plots of movies and television shows. It often serves as a backdrop to the main subject of the movie or television series. The popularity of electronic games is considered to have a huge effect on the culture. Electronic games have good and bad effects on culture. There are several groups which blame video games as the reason for the increased violence among children and their growing anti-social behavior (Raise Smart Kid, n.d.). However, other people believe that video games introduce different cultures to its players through simulation of real world scenarios. In this way, video games make learning more fun and interesting. With the introduction of online gaming, players are able to compete against people of different nationalities; thus, fostering friendship among players of different cultures (Raise Smart Kid, n.d.). Some of the most influential and important games released to the general public within the last few years are the Grand Theft Auto III, Angry Birds and Mortal Kombat. Foremost among the controversial issues over modern electronic games is the violence that they contain (Raise Smart Kid, n.d.). Some studies revealed that violent video games promote aggressive behavior, vengeance and decreases social interaction (Raise Smart Kid, n.d.). Furthermore, spending too much time on video games makes children spend little time with their studies, sports, reading or interaction with family and friends. There are also health problems which are attributed to too much time spent on electronic games. These include “obesity, video-induced seizures. and postural, muscular and skeletal disorders, such as tendonitis, nerve compression, carpal tunnel syndrome” (Raise Smart Kid, n.d.). References Nelson, L. (n.d.). The advantages & disadvantages of communication technology. Retrieved December 30, 2011, from Web site: technology.html Raise Smart Kid. (n.d.). The good and bad effects of video games. Retrieved December 30, 2011, from the-good-and-bad-effects-of-video-games Richardson, J., Jenkins, D. M., & Crickenberger, R. G. (n.d.). Program delivery methods. Retrieved December 30, 2011, from North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Web site: (n.d.). Study guide: Legal and ethical aspects of the internet. Retrieved December 30, 2011, from Web site: Legal/TekXam_Legal_and_Ethical_Study_Guide.html Read More
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