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An interest group - Essay Example

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For this assignment, you are going to create your own interest group. Think of a pet peeve or an issue that impacts your daily life and then find a solution to deal with the problem. Now, create your interest group. In doing so, address the points below.  ?…
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An interest group
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Download file to see previous pages   ?Are you going to be only focused on a particular state or are you going to be nationwide?  ?Are you going to focus on pursuing your agenda in the courts or in the legislatures?  ?What are the top-3 things that you want to get accomplished?  ?How are you going to make sure that you stay in existence?  ?Who is your biggest competitor?  ?Are you going to primarily rely on inside lobbying or outside lobbying?  ?Which party's candidates are you going to target more? Or will you target candidates from both parties? Or will you stay out of elections?  Mechanics:  The name of my interest group is FEI, freedom entrepreneur’s intellect. Our group is composed of all classes who want to reform the current economic system we currently live in. In essence, the group is committed to fight against poverty; corruption and unnecessary spending that plague the system. In addition, this group is dedicated to go against Iraq war and use that spending to allocate on important needs such as Medicare, FAFSA, and social security. Other issues such as gay marriages, abortion, gene cloning are also the fore front of the issues that our party will address. From our research, it makes more sense if we expand our horizons nationwide. It enables us to gain a better leverage in political situations. In addition, we can attract more people towards our cause from every demographic. Going nationwide will enables us to have a better sense of what reforms the country desires and enables us to be in the public sphere. The first thing we want to address is the economic reform that is plaguing the nation. Unemployment has spurted from all states and has left millions of Americans jobless. Hence, propagating this issue will be the first priority. The second element that we will tackle as a group is the idea of Medicare and Social Security. As the baby boomers continue to grow older, the funds allocated for both Medicare and Social Security are being depleted. In essence, the young generation has no resources that are being allocated for their cause, which is illogical and unjust since they are picking up the burden of paying taxes. Lastly, this group will be persistent on removing troops from Iraq. Undoubtedly, the Iraq was has been a huge expense upon the lives of Americans not only through casualties but emotionally and financially. It is critical that the upcoming president acknowledges this issue and tries to remove troops as soon as possible. Lastly, we also want to shed the light on the fact that we owe millions of dollars to China. American foreign relations with China have been on a downward spiral. The US cannot afford to owe huge amounts of China and lost its position as a supreme world power. Organizing and mobilizing group undoubtedly requires time, effort, and patience. Since I have a strong commerce background, I have learned the idea of viral marketing. Although this is not a product, we as a group feel that these issues are important and can attract any demographics. Our main goal is to attract young individuals who have energy, motivation and voting power. We also want to attract the lower class, the immigrants, who are striving to earn their rights in this country. Politics and social networking is dramatic in many ways. The twenty-first century highlights the modern day of technology in which networking has become a vital component towards propagating for their position. The advent of social network without a doubt has made a critical impact towards enhancing or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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