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Bad habits - Essay Example

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Great relationships are built on trust. This is not the type of thing you read on the covers of magazines you read in the checkout line in the supermarket. They are all about how to lose 25 pounds in three weeks or how to excite your man. They never give any real advice like trusting your boyfriend will cause you to grow closer and closer…
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Bad habits
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Download file to see previous pages This is what I am learning right now in my current relationship. I have developed a bad habit that is so shocking I am hesitant to write about it here. It began several months ago and this habit is starting to make me think I might actually have some sort of obsession or addiction. My bad habit is sneaking peeks in my boyfriend’s phone. I’m sure that you are thinking that this really isn’t such a big deal and that I shouldn’t feel so bad about it. But the fact is I do feel badly, and I think you will understand why once you see how this one bad habit is starting to take over my life. I have been with my current boyfriend for nearly a year and I love his company. We always have such a good time and he is so incredibly hot. I can’t believe how gorgeous this guy is some times. I know that I am attractive, but my boyfriend could be a model. I had to get used to the fact that everywhere we went, other girls were going to be checking him out. He is very popular, so we can’t go anywhere without him running into old girlfriends or girls that would love to be his current girlfriend instead of me. At first I thought all of this was very flattering. I had the guy that lots of other girls wanted. But after a while, I started to feel insecure. That is when the trouble began. The first time I looked into his phone is still very bright in my memory. He had forgotten the phone at my place after visiting one afternoon. I couldn’t resist. I picked up the phone three or four times before opening it up. At first I was curious. I just started to look through his photos. I was glad to see that he had a picture of me on his screen and that I was featured in more of his galleries than any other girl. But then I noticed that there was a blonde girl that was in almost as many photos as me. I didn’t recognize her and he never described her to me. I immediately grew suspicious and jealous. I simply had to check his messages. I snooped through his messages but didn’t find any clues about the blonde girl. I didn’t find any evidence that he was cheating. I was relieved, but also angry because I didn’t know whom the blonde girl was. He came to pick up the phone and I didn’t let on that I had snooped. Now all I can think about is finding out who this blonde girl is that my boyfriend has in his phone. I have tried to find out about her by bringing up the blonde friend without letting on that I saw her in his phone. So far he hasn’t given me any clues. I am concerned because this bad habit is starting to negatively affect my life in two ways. The first way it is affecting my life is my boyfriend and I seem to be fighting all of the time now. He is constantly asking me what is wrong and I can’t tell him because he will know I snooped in his phone. The sad fact is that since my first peek, I have gone through his phone at least a dozen times. I just can’t stop until I find out who this mystery girl is. The second way this is affecting my life is I have started doing this with all of my girlfriends. I have been showing them how to find out things about their boyfriends by snooping in their phones. I have actually gone out with some of these friends and staked out their boyfriend’s house so they can tell if he is cheating or not. I can’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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