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Managing Information: Technology and System - Essay Example

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This theory considers the shift in relations between organization and technology. This theory comprises of elements that puts information technology into the organization…
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Managing Information: Technology and System
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Download file to see previous pages Through this theory it can be well stated that technological development can be clearly understood through various forms of social relations that are related to production. The theory states that technology can be considered to be another form of weapon that is generally employed in order to oppress the labour force of an organization. This theory looks at all the different dimensions related to people working in an organization. It states the behaviour of people at workplace, reflects upon the personnel who controls their work, necessary skills that they use in the workplace and the minimum wages they are been offered of their work. Harry Braverman who has been a supporting pillar for this particular theory states that under the situation of capitalism the skills of the workers are often stolen by the management and even the pleasurable working hours are eliminated accompanied by reduction in wages for the unskilled employees and extension in the working hours so as to deliver the best results for the organization. The elements that are encompassed in this particular theory are all linked with that of local systems of control and management. The theory even deals with a detailed analysis and identification of how the elements as stated in the theory is used so as reduce the overall power of the working class which cannot be reproducible by any form of machine power or unskilled labour. The technological advancements that are noticed with the organizations today reflect upon the outcome crystallizations of prior inevitable war of the capitalist development. Through this theory it can also be stated that the administrators and managers are the main people who maximum utilize information technology so as to serve the end of others dependent on them from task allocation to that of task completion.
The theory of labour process explains the dynamics of societal change with that of organizational change. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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