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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Reality Television “Why Reality TV is good for us” James Poniewozik states that reality TV is advantageous for us. In this case, the author can be observed as being highly sarcastic. This is because the title and the actual contents of the text do not relate in any way…
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Disagreeing That Reality Tv is Good for Us
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Reality Television “Why Reality TV is good for us” James Poniewozik s that reality TV is advantageous for us. In this case, the author can be observed as being highly sarcastic. This is because the title and the actual contents of the text do not relate in any way. The author’s feelings as propagated in the text show that he does not think particularly highly of the many shows that represent reality television (Poniewozik 1). He describes reality television as a vice that is taking up too much time. He assesses the negative impact that this has on the management and viewing of exceptional quality programmes. The author shows that there is certainly no space for reality television and all its effects on the general television viewing. This is because the majority of the feelings that are expressed in these programs do not have any positive effects on the general well being of individuals watching them. The author’s main topic revolves around the advent of reality television. He is quoted saying “Isn’t there something simply wrong with people who enjoy entertainment that depends on ordinary people getting their heart broken, being told they can not sing or getting played for fools” (Poniewozik 1). This is with deep concentration on the negative impact that reality television has so many people in society. He classifies reality shows among the worst examples mundane creations that have no standing in society. He gives very many examples of reality shows that have had no impact on the general viewing of television watchers. He categorizes some as most watched because of the absurdity in which they highlight and emphasize their main points. The author observes that everything about reality television is a cliche. There is nothing real about reality television. This is one thing that strikes a chord in any person reading the text. He explains that there are so many issues that are presented as real in reality television. In the real sense, that is not the case. This is one factor that I would like to challenge. Human emotions are played out to sway the observations of the observer. This is one of the reasons that led the author to stand by his observations that reality programmes tend to take too much space (Murray 34). This is with notions that comedies and dramas have always had an impact on people. The reality shows are trying to fill the vacuum as the comedies and drama programmes have been viewed for so many years. I do not agree with the author that reality television does not have a place in modern television viewing. This is with immense emphasis to all other things that can be viewed in today’s modern world. There are so many aspects that have been employed to ensure that reality television employs exceeding many aspects of real content. This means that, in the creation of the reality shows, there were extremely many emotions and stunts that are employed constantly. All these features are systematically employed and altered in such a way that they can convince the audience because of their innate aspect of reality. The level of intelligence is also exuded in the creation and coordination of highly many components that led to one creative master piece (Caudle 56). In many aspects, reality television is a representation of what happens in real life. Programmes, for example, Survivor and Amazing race are as a result of the competitive nature that is observed human beings. They then exploit this need to come up with a creative piece. This piece of work represents the hard work that one goes through in life. The reward that is given to the winning team is a motivation and a reminder that quality work and activity results in significant pay. Many reality programs that speak profoundly about love and many of its intrigues can be represented by the Bachelorette. This program portrays the issues that an individual goes through to achieve something in relation to love (Caudle 45). This creates a scenario where it can be observed that reality television educates all that watch it. They have to be keen on the teachings and principles that are being communicated in the program. In conclusion, it is necessary to note that reality television is as a result of exceptionally well organized factors. These factors work hand in hand to ensure that they have created a unique feature that appeals to many masses all over the world. The environment, themes and features that make up reality shows do not portray what is expected many at the time. This does not mean that they do not satisfy a specific group of people at any one given point. It should be observed that they are also viewed and requested for by people who love them. This means that it is crucial for everyone to respect the different aspects that make up television programs. This is because they do appeal to a set group of people (DeVolld 23). Works Cited Caudle, M.  The Reality of Reality TV: Reality Show Business Plans. A Step-by-Step Approach to Writing Business Plans for Reality Shows. Chicago: McGraw Hill, 2011. Print. DeVolld, T. Reality TV: An Insiders Guide to Reality Television. A Working Producer provides Information about how Reality Shows are made and how to develop a Lasting Career in the Genre. New York: Michael Wiese Productions, 2011. Print. Murray, S., Ouellette, L. Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture. New York: New York University Press, 2004. Print Poniewozik, J. “Why Reality TV is good for us”. New York: Time Magazine, 2011. Print Read More
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