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The Local Organizations and the Concept in an Efficient Manner in Order to Generate Sales - Book Report/Review Example

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This research explores the realm of brand ambassadorship and its effective success rate in California. Living in a global world everyone knows that all rules don’t apply everywhere. To make the most of the market you need to have information about the market…
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The Local Organizations and the Concept in an Efficient Manner in Order to Generate Sales
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Extract of sample "The Local Organizations and the Concept in an Efficient Manner in Order to Generate Sales"

Download file to see previous pages The selection of only middle class as a target audience is based on the premise that it has been identified from our personal research and experience that people belonging to a lower class are mostly price conscious, so the idea of celebrity endorsement would not entice them and it will not affect their buying behaviour pattern. So our population of interest will consist of people from California belonging to the age brackets of 18-40 comprising of both males and females. Again we have limited our age range because we believe that the candidates above this range are hardly evoked by the advertisements and the audience below this range are not mature enough and most of them even do not make purchasing decisions, as these decisions are carried out by there elders. We will try to do random sampling getting between 100-150 participants in this course. Since the value of z-test statistic falls in the rejection region as 1.740>1.645, therefore, we will reject the null hypothesis. At a 5% significance level, the data to provide sufficient evidence to conclude that females are more reinforced and influenced by celebrity endorsement as compared to males. Since the value of f-test statistic falls in the rejection region as 3.83>2.60, therefore, we will reject. The test results are statistically significant at the 5% level; that is, at the 5% significance level, the data to provide sufficient evidence to conclude that there is a difference in the mean captivation level on the different age brackets due to celebrity endorsement. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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