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The ways children and adults may respond to media content that contains explicit material - Essay Example

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Introduction Numerous research studies have examined the negative effects of explicit and objectionable media content to the audience especially young children and adolescents. However, in spite of the concerns raised about exposing the audience to these forms of content, media houses and entertainment industries are still selling the content, an indicator of a growing demand for the products in the society…
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The ways children and adults may respond to media content that contains explicit material
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Download file to see previous pages These programs show objectionable and socially offending content including promiscuity, violence, drug abuse and occultism among others. This paper examines the complaints that objectionable media content has generated, emphasizing on critical analysis of the linkage between the contents and the objections raised by the society. Complaints to objectionable content Various media contents have generated negative criticism from the society. Some of the complaints originate from particular segments of the society while others elicit widespread criticism. In a research study investigating the reactions of the society to objectionable media content, Stephenson (2007) identified religion, race, and culture in addition to sexual orientation as the major factors determining how particular media content is received in the society. In American society, the minority groups have been raising concerns about how their image is portrayed in the media. In the movie industry for instance Adler, et al(2007) noted that most African American males play violent and vulgar roles that portray them as hardcore criminals with an inclination of abusing hard drugs. In addition, many television programs focusing on black people portray the negative side such as poverty, crime and chronic disease infection in addition to broken and unhappy families. These programs have recently fallen under heavy criticism because they hardly show achievements or positive side of the black people in the community. The negative media publicity of the minorities, especially in developed countries has been attributed by Bushman and Cantor (2003) as the leading cause of reinforcing crime, drug abuse and other social problems, among the minority groups. In addition, they promote racial prejudice, where a particular race is regarded with scorn, suspicion and mistrust. Besides negative depiction of African Americans, portrayal of people from East Asian countries such as Japan and china in the media is equally biased compared to white actors. A study conducted by Stephenson (2007) established that most movies with male actors from oriental countries portray them as extremely violent and cold hearted with exemplary martial arts skills. Similarly, female actors from these countries are portrayed as delicate, weak and sexually attractive. This perception creates an impression that Asian females are incompatible with their violent, cold hearted and inhuman counterparts in romantic relationships. Sexually explicit and pornographic programs are some of the most heavily criticized media content in all segments of the society. In extremely conservative societies and religious groups, media programs that broadcast scanty dressing or behavior with sexual overtone are not allowed (Adler, et al 2007). Pornographic content is considered as the epitome of sexual immorality in most societies. Currently, restricting access to pornographic materials to the young people is among the top priorities in most countries. Sexually explicit media contents are attributed to promoting promiscuity and other adverse sexual behavior, such as pedophilia, rape and homosexuality. Effect of objectionable content on behavior High prevalence of violent crime, promiscuity, drug abuse and other social disorders have been credited to the negative influence of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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