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Research and writing handbook [Name of Customer] [Name of Institute] [Journalism] The news item that has been chosen was published in a prominent and reputed English daily ‘The Guardian’ and provides an insight coverage of the barbaric and inhumane events that plagued the streets of London after police shot Mark Duggan in the area of Tottenham…
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Research and Writing Handbook
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Download file to see previous pages However during the course of this discussion we would be analyzing the killing and the subsequent riots that sparked in the aftermath from the perspective of identity negotiations. However it is important that an idea regarding the understanding of identity negotiations is first acquired. Identity negotiations is referred to as a process through the help and application of which people get an understanding and reach upon an agreement regarding the identity of different people living in their society. It is with the help of this understanding that people actually assume their identities and consequent roles that they need to fulfil in the societal setup they are a part of. (Bakir and David. 2007) On psychological grounds the phenomenon of identity negotiation uncovers a different aspect which is based upon the clash that takes place between the expectations of perceivers with self-views that targets hold. It is under such a condition that people and members of a society engage in a “battle of wills” and it is in the midst of these conditions that a society gets stratified and once again yearns for an identity. (Swann. 1987) The disastrous events that took place in London after the killing of Mark Duggan provided a comprehensible manifestation of a divided community and society members. This can further be verified from the details that have been disclosed by journalists covering these haunting events. At one end there were people who did condemn the killing of Duggan but were not in favor of the chaos that followed in the aftermath. They encouraged peaceful ways through which they could bring the attention of state policy makers towards this crucial issue, hence it is clear that this particular segment of the society refrained from exercising any violent means of protest. Unfortunately, it was this very segment of the society that had to pay maximum price of their non-violent behavior in the form of human as well as material loss. Their businesses were burned and they themselves gained injuries while trying to protect it. Quoting David Lawrence, the author of the story “I know people who have lost everything they ever owned because their homes were burned down over the weekend. I know people who have worked hard to create successful businesses and now have nothing to show for it” (Lawrence. 2011) in an overnight turn of events they lost everything that they once rightfully owned. On the other hand there was also a particular segment that took complete advantage of this situation in creating wreck and havoc in different areas. It has primarily been the activities of these members of London society that have unleashed a violent and brutal picture of a society which was at one point of time referred to as the most civilised society in Europe. The plunder and looting that these people convinced onlookers that the elements of radicalism, extremism and rebellion are present in almost all people; however what is shockingly astounding regarding these riots is the very identity that outlaws disguised as when conducting all these activities. They took on a new form of societal role which was appalling, dangerous and disastrous. Once again quoting Lawrence: “They just saw it as an opportunity to wreak havoc and seek things for personal gain. Stealing trainers from JD Sports? Taking phones from T-Mobile? Removing the hole in the wall, literally leaving a hole in the wall? All in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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