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The present paper looks for exploring the views of a representative of the intellectuals on the riots recently erupted in the UK, which startled all peace-loving British citizens as well as the torch-bearers of justice and equality belonging to all corners of the globe at large. …
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Peoples opinion about the recently erupted uk riots
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the sad incident of riots in the UK from 6th to 10th August 2011 serves as one of the most challenging issues the country underwent in respect of ethno-racial differences and prejudice existing in this apparently peaceful, prosperous, non-prejudiced and unbiased European country. Its being the strategic and economic giant of the globe, the UK was not being expected to be facing such division of the nation on racial, ethnic and religious grounds. Consequently, the world received the news with great shock and surprise. Started in the aftermath of the murder of a black drug dealer Mark Duggan on 4th August 2011 at the hands of the Tottenham police, the riots lasted for five days taking the life of four more persons and wounding a few people, along with several incidents of looting, burglary, violence and assaults. Though initial reaction of the murder was not violent one, as Mark Duggan’s family members and supporters launched a peaceful demonstration outside the police station; however, the youth belonging to the suburban area started using violence against the police personnel and demanded immediate inquiry into the murder case. “The commotion began in Tottenham, London but spread like a bush fire to Hackney, Brixton, Ealing, Peckham, Birmingham, Manchester and suburban Croydon. The UK Prime Minister and London Mayor Boris Johnson were of the many, who cut short their holidays to fly back to deal with the unrest.”...
Though initial reaction of the murder was not violent one, as Mark Duggan’s family members and supporters launched a peaceful demonstration outside the police station; however, the youth belonging to the suburban area started using violence against the police personnel and demanded immediate inquiry into the murder case. “The commotion began in Tottenham, London but spread like a bush fire to Hackney, Brixton, Ealing, Peckham, Birmingham, Manchester and suburban Croydon. The UK Prime Minister and London Mayor Boris Johnson were of the many, who cut short their holidays to fly back to deal with the unrest.” (Khalifa Magazine, 2011) Although the disturbance and adverse law and order situation in the London city and in the suburbs was a matter of grave concern for the government and masses alike, yet the most challenging and worrying thing was the associating of a crime control activity with racial prejudice and discrimination. Hence, the unexpected and unpleasant state of affairs demanded the impartial probe into the situation. The present paper describes the opinion of a black writer, had been living in London for the last five decades, under the same atmosphere, who declared the riots as fatal one for the mental and physical condition as well as the well-being of the young generation at large. Aims of the Study: The aims and objectives of the study include: To conduct an in-depth analysis of the event by reporting the important findings of the same To explore the causes and consequences of ethno-racial conflicts in a multicultural society like the UK. To estimate the concerns of the intellectuals regarding the uneven situation and its aftermath To submit a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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