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Tooth Shape and Size Anomalies, Occlusal Implications, and Orthodontic Management - Dissertation Example

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The dissertation is focused on the issue of the tooth shape and size anomalies which include megalodontia, microdontia (including peg-laterals), fusion, gemination, concrescence, dilaceration, taurodontism, and dens in dente. Besides, a brief description of the jobs and duties that dentist performs is given here.
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Tooth Shape and Size Anomalies, Occlusal Implications, and Orthodontic Management
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Extract of sample "Tooth Shape and Size Anomalies, Occlusal Implications, and Orthodontic Management"

Download file to see previous pages State of the art that is relevant to the topics of tooth shape and size anomalies, occlusal implications, and orthodontic management will be listed throughout. This is in order to present the major ideas that pertain to the topics.
The goal of this master thesis is to identify and describe various tooth size and shape anomalies. The occlusal implications will also be discussed because it is necessary that the implications of or relating to the contacting surfaces of opposing teeth, especially the biting or chewing surfaces be examined in detail. The thesis will also present the orthodontic management of these anomalies. Many case studies, reports, and literature from past studies to new knowledge that is available will be evaluated as findings from various research and studies will aid in the pinpointing of anomalies and their treatment. This is necessary in order to find answers without going by assumptions and theories in order to draw conclusions on what has not been deemed as proven or identified.
The roles and jobs of dentists are to diagnose and treat oral problems. Dentists also encourage the promotion of problems. They fill cavities, remove teeth, replace teeth that are missing, provide fluoride and sealants to help prevent cavities, and even perform surgery when necessary. Dentists typically perform surgery on the gums. It is also the role of dentists to provide knowledge and education on how to brush, floss, prevent cavities, and to provide care for the teeth. They are also able to prescribe anesthesia, medicines, and antibiotics.
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Tooth Shape and Size Anomalies, Occlusal Implications, and Orthodontic Dissertation. Retrieved from
(Tooth Shape and Size Anomalies, Occlusal Implications, and Orthodontic Dissertation)
Tooth Shape and Size Anomalies, Occlusal Implications, and Orthodontic Dissertation.
“Tooth Shape and Size Anomalies, Occlusal Implications, and Orthodontic Dissertation”, n.d.
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