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Orthodontic Processes - Essay Example

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It has been observed over the past few years that the present orthodontic processes have suffered from some severe limitations (Oggard et al 1998). Enamel demineralization is one such rather detrimental side effect of orthodontic treatment, and largely inextricably linked with the latter…
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Orthodontic Processes
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Extract of sample "Orthodontic Processes"

Download file to see previous pages While patient compliance could be a potential aid in this respect, the prospect of white spots as a consequence of enamel deminseralization has had severe consequences for patient compliance and hence overall dental care. In this respect it is necessary that future studies are directed towards development of treatment strategies which are not centred on patience complinace alone. Fluoride varnishes are an upcoming methodology that is increasingly being used to resolve this issue. This proposal shall aim to address this increasingly used method to promote existing orthodontic processes.
It has been previously demonstarted that fluoride therapy may have some efficacy in reducing demineralization (O'reilly etal 1987) and indeed in having a protective effect against plaque formation (Ten Cate and Duyster 1983, Silverstone 1978). Furthermore a recent invitro study by Timothy Foley and Manish Aggarwal (2002) has further reestablished the role of protective role of fluoride against demineralization processes.
Drawing from these studies it is possible to speculate that flouride varnish if applied on teeth might have some potential for attenuating the deminaralization process (Vivalidi et al Todd et al 1999). The in effect is the working hypothesis underlying this proposal. The primary objective of this study would be to examine whether flouride varnish applied on the teeth might reduce this deminaralization. Given that the fluroide application in the varnish protocol is essentially an anticipatory blocking procedure that does not necessitate patient compliance, it serves orthodontists to gain from the bond strength of composite resins and does not suffer from constraints of development of stagnation areas in the dental environment.
Experimental design - Materials and Methods
The experimental design is an attempt to study the efficay of flouride varnish (Cavity shield by Omni products) in an invitro setting in preventing/attenuating the demineralization process. The materials and methods that shall be used for this purpose is described below
One hundred eighty extracted, caries-free, fully developed molars shall be were selected, cleaned, and stored in deionized water. Care shall be taken to ensure that the potential effect of intraoral topical fluoride on the molars selected for the study would be minimal (ensured by the limited time the teeth remain in the oral cavity). The teeth were
polished with fluoride-free dental prophylactic paste to remove any fine debris, rinsed with deionized water, and randomly allocated to the following 2 test groups:
group 1, control or vehicle group with no flouride
group 2, treatment group with flouride varnish (Cavity shield by Omni products)applied on them .
This study design can be shown as presented beneath;
Fig 1. Flow diagram showing division of sub groups in the experiment.
After allowing the varnish to dry for 5min, all teeth in both groups 1 and 2 were stored in separate beakers of a 200ml artificial saliva solution consisting of 20mmol/l NaHCO3, 3mmol/l NaH2PO4, and 1mmol/l CaCl2, at neutral pH for further processing during the duration of the experimental period. Further to that all teeth in each group shall be removed, rinsed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Orthodontic Processes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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