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The Complications of Implant Supported Fixed Prosthetics - Article Example

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This discussion talks that there is ever growing reliance on dental implants as the procedure for the treatment of dental patients with complete or partial edentulism, which has resulted in many dental patients being provided with oral implants in their rehabilitation…
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The Complications of Implant Supported Fixed Prosthetics
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Extract of sample "The Complications of Implant Supported Fixed Prosthetics"

Download file to see previous pages Increased masticatory efficiency and lack of tissue contact are the key functional and biological advantages in the use of implant-supported fixed prosthetics. These implant-supported fixed prosthetics function with similarity to the natural denture of the patients and patients appreciate the near normal functionality with such implant restorations. Furthermore, there is greater self-image and self-confidence that results from the feeling and confidence of these implant restorations. In the case of such fixed prostheses, there is no requirement for mucosal support. The prosthesis is totally supported by the implant abutment unit, which removes the possibility of prosthesis movement. As a result, any possible tissue irritation due to prosthesis movement is completely removed (Stevens, Fredrickson & Gress, 2000).
Implant supported prostheses for the rehabilitation of complete or partial edentulism comprises either of removable or fixed restorations. Commonly employed implant-supported fixed prosthesis is made up of a metal substructure and a ceramic veneer. Several studies support the long-term success of such fixed implant-supported restorations, though the risk of failure of implant-supported fixed prosthetics from complications of the procedure has been less defined. There is also the element of high costs that are associated with implant-supported fixed prosthetics. These two factors make it relevant for a better understanding of the risk of failure that arises from the complications of implant-supported fixed prosthetics (Kinsel & Lin, 2009).
Implant abutments customized to patient needs are becoming more and more popular in implant-supported fixed prosthetics, which target replicating the natural situation. Such abutments are shaped in keeping with the individual anatomical requirements of the site of the implant.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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