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Use of forced eruption to enhance the Pontic site in the anterior maxilla - Essay Example

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Over time, periodontics has metamormphisized in order to provide functional as well as aesthetic results for patients. For any periodontal therapy, the main objective is the restoration of the normal health of the periodontium…
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Use of forced eruption to enhance the Pontic site in the anterior maxilla
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Extract of sample "Use of forced eruption to enhance the Pontic site in the anterior maxilla"

Download file to see previous pages Implant therapy has over the years become an alternative to replacing missing teeth following an extraction since extraction results in migration of other adjacent teeth as well as defects in both hard and soft tissue causing an unfavourable environment for implant placement the main limitation of placing implants is the lack of adequate bone and soft tissues (Comut, Varun, and Leila pg 74).
There are various techniques for bone augmentation including hard and soft tissue augmentation surgeries. Earlier treatment was focused on reconstruction of hard and soft tissues for placement of implants and this involved surgery and a combination of grafting procedures including hard and soft tissue augmentation. Hard and soft tissue augmentation enables recreating a proper height and width for the implantation site.
The soft tissue augmentation was performed to correct the gingival architecture after an extraction and the hard tissue was performed to strengthen the alveolar bone which underwent resorption after extraction. After augmentation implant followed. The other alternative solutions involved though not commonly used are the use of ovate pontics. The ovate Pontic is used to create an illusion that the tooth is growing out of the gum using an anatomically shaped crown incorporated with a root form profile. Pink porcelain is also used in restorative dentistry to correct gingival defects as well as gingival molds which involve the use of a provisional crown to mold the gingival tissue into the desired contour and gradia com which is used to make indirect fillings (Comut, Varun, and Leila pg 76). All of the above procedures are surgical and run the risks of excessive bleeding and nerve injury. The increasing demand for highly aesthetic results in dentistry has influenced implant therapy and made it challenging. The main challenge is in creating harmony between the teeth and the surrounding soft tissues. Whereas implant therapy is well accepted, disadvantages like complications arising from surgical procedures, the challenge in obtaining well contoured gingival papillae for the case of gingival molds and the possibilities of bone resorption around the implant which might lead to gingival recession make it not very viable. An aesthetically acceptable result does not only depend on the final restoration but careful consideration of soft and hard tissues adjacent to the implant. In pursuit of improved aesthetic, research has been done on successful maintenance and regeneration of the gingival and alveolar bone which are lost after extraction and the traditional Fixed Dental Prosthesis was found to be the preferred choice of treatment for the Anterior maxilla and creates a natural aesthetic. FDP is cost effective, does not require surgical interventions which makes it to require short treatment time for a guaranteed long-term aesthetic stability. Prosthetic treatment contributes to better soft and hard tissue management which contributes further to achieving an acceptable final result obtained by having a harmonious soft tissue profile, a well and correctly contoured final restoration and re-establishment of normal functions. As an alternative to the conventional hard and soft tissue augmentation surgeries, use of forced eruption was introduced. Forced eruption is a process whereby a tooth is moved intentionally in a coronal direction by applying a small amount of force to effect changes in the bone and soft tissues. Forced eruption Forced Eruption works in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“Use of forced eruption to enhance the Pontic site in the anterior Essay”, n.d.)
Use of forced eruption to enhance the Pontic site in the anterior Essay. Retrieved from
(Use of Forced Eruption to Enhance the Pontic Site in the Anterior Essay)
Use of Forced Eruption to Enhance the Pontic Site in the Anterior Essay.
“Use of Forced Eruption to Enhance the Pontic Site in the Anterior Essay”, n.d.
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