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Technology and Cultural Change - Essay Example

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Technology and Cultural Change 1. Introduction The technological advancement in the modern era has leaped mankind to a new level in terms of communication, intelligence, business and many others. The constant trend of improvement in technology continues to provide humans with innovative machines and techniques to attain more convenience and pace in different fields of life…
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Technology and Cultural Change
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Download file to see previous pages Technology has intervened deeply in the prevailing societies and it is due to this intense intervention that life cannot be imagined without its usage. Alongside the numerous revolutionary inventions and advantages of the current technological era, there exists a severe downside to the continuing source of improvement in the society. Technology has started instigating cultural changes in the societies. As a result of these changes, the historical norms, traditions and values are being influenced and taking new forms. The relation between technological changes and cultural changes shall be discussed in this paper in the light of contribution from different researchers in the recent history. 2. Relation between Technological and Cultural Changes Machines and technical equipments were originally invented to provide aid to humans in their work processes to make them faster and easier. With the passage of time, the uses of the equipments and machines started increasing and people began depending on technology more than themselves. Ross (1991) defines the technological culture as the “new age” that has formed a subculture of its own. This subculture has modified the face of the heritage that was once the source of pride for millions of people. Ross (1991) also highlighted that the people belonging to the “new age” have embraced science and technology as their religion since they want logic and reasoning in every aspect of life, rather than compassion and humility. Neil Postman is a renowned author who has raised his concerns in multiple publications regarding the cultural changes that are being witnessed in the prevailing times due to the integration of technology in the lives of individuals. Postman (1993) stated that tools were made to be used by humans but the prevailing times support the contrary; machines have taken over human intellect and thinking capability to such a great extent that it seems like machines are using humans. Cultural changes in the societies have been witnessed in different walks of life. Few fields have been discussed below that have been influenced by the technological changes: 2.1 Education Education plays an important role in the life of humans. The concept of education that initiated from the cherished sessions of academic discussions between students and teachers has become a prey of the technological advancement in the current times. The advent of virtual learning management systems and e-learning platforms has totally modified the traditional mode of teaching that had been benefitting individuals for thousands of years. These platforms have been accepted around the world and are continuing to integrate in the field of education at high schools and college levels. E-learning management systems promote the acquisition of education through web platforms. Although the respective concept increases accessibility of course material but encourages them to attend lectures and class sessions on the websites. Sher (2009) pointed out that the most adverse effect of virtual learning is the degree of isolation that the student experiences in the process. Postman (1993) stated that isolated learning processes have destroyed the conventional gains that can only be attained during productive class sessions and personal guidance from the instructors. Personal interactions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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