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In this essay, the writer would describe two types of communication: the one way and the two-way communication. Moreover, the paper would draw a comparison and contrast between types along with illustrating the way of its work using model images…
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One Way Communication and Two Way Communication
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One-way communication is that type of communication in which information or knowledge is shared with a recipient without any form of response (Vanita, 50-71), for instance, posting a memo for staff members to read. On the other hand, two-way communication is when information is shared and the response is generated for that particular information. For instance, at a staff meeting, information is provided and the staff members are allowed to ask questions or give a feedback (Vanita, 75-83). There are two models, which subsequently depict one-way communication and two-way communications:
Linear Model shows one-way communication: from senders to receivers

(Cascio, pp. 20-27)
Specifically, the benefit of this model is that no individual except the sender needs to be present to send the message (Vanita, 88-95). Moreover, one-way communication provides benefits especially to the advertising firms and organizations that are able to market their products and services without allowing any feedback on any question related to the product. “If commercial makers were to use a two-way communication method to send out their commercial, then the audience would ask questions and the commercial might not be as effective” (Vanita, 100). The disadvantage is that it is not actually communication, but just a transmission process in which information is being transmitted. In one-way communication, experts have indicated that the sender communicates a message to the recipient without any anticipation of feedback from the receivers. However, this results in a negative image on the process of communication, as usually, the audience in this process considers message less important due to no expectation of any feedback. Often, it is an observation that recipients often misunderstand or misinterpret the message due to no possibility of feedback or explanation.
Transactional Model shows two-way communications: Two-way exchanges

(Cascio, pp. 15-19)
The advantage of two-way communications is that it is more in-depth and allows simultaneous sending and receiving, which necessitates audience feedback. There is fluidity in the communication process and also shows that communication is relational. In particular, two-way communication is healthier for customers, as it allows them to inquire about their problems to the media, and media cannot easily trick them to believe in everything.

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